Late Sharon ghosts haunt Obado

Late Sharon ghosts haunt Obado


Abrupt agitation by Migori governor Okoth Obado to have lawyer George Wajackoyah disqualified from representing the family of murdered student Sharon Otieno could be linked to claims that the troubled governor shared secrets touching on the case prior to acting for the family.

Terrified Obado was ostensibly surprised to learn Wajackoyah was representing the victim’s family even after the advocate maneuvered and paid him a visit at Gigiri Police Station on September 23 2018, two days after his arrest.

During the visit, Wajackoyah sought the governor’s instruction on the case but it is not clear what transpired that led to the lawyer shifting to the side of the late Rongo University student who was brutally murdered and her body discovered in a forest.

There are fears that the advocate said to be having a police background seized the opportunity to extract some vital information from the governor based on the kind of openness and confidentiality witnessed between advocates and their clients.

In an application scheduled to be heard before Justice Grace Ngenye, Obado, his co-accused Michael Oyamo and Caspal Obiero said they want Wajackoyah out of the case.

For starters, Wajackoyah is a law scholar with six degrees and became famous when he represented Koffi Olomide in July 2016 after he assaulted a woman in Nairobi.

He further caught the attention of many after he declared to form a political alliance with former presidential aspirant Abduba Dida ahead of 2017 elections.