Lover hangs self at girlfriend’s gate

Lover hangs self at girlfriend’s gate


Residents of Shieywe village in Soy sublocation are in shock after a 29-year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself at the entrance to his lover’s home.

The man is said have suspected that his girlfriend had dumped him and married another man.

Soy sublocation assistant chief Cornelius Lusava claimed Peter Katiba was in a love relationship with the girl who sat her KCSE examinations at Ivugwi Secondary School this year and the two had promised to wed.

The administrator said Katiba, who sat his KCSE examinations at the same school in 2016 did not want to interfere with his lover’s education and has been patiently waiting for her to complete her secondary education before they could embark on their marriage plans for which he had already started preparing.

It has emerged that the girl left home with her mother to attend a relative’s funeral in Lumakanda in the neighbouring Lugari subcounty without informing Katiba.

Katiba thought that his lover had dumped him and opted to marry another man.

After failing to get clear information on girl’s whereabouts, Katiba took a wire and went to their gate where he hanged himself.