Machakos senate seat campaigns get nasty

Machakos senate seat campaigns get nasty


Just as was expected, the campaign for the vacant seat of Machakos senate is seeing the levels of decency lowered to the rock bottom. From churches, roadsides, funerals to markets, the language used in most of them is like that in brothels. Most of the attacks are directed to Wiper party and its candidate Agnes Kavindu whose nomination by the party caught many by surprise.

In one instance, church goers were totally miffed when a speaker who was campaigning for Maendeleo Chap Chap candidate Mutua Katuku went berserk and told sexual stories first saying that a male hyena does not like being the first to mount a female hyena because once it does that all other hyenas mount it and injure it because it is not created for mounting. Egged on by cheers from the congregation, the pot-bellied buffoon went on and told the story of a man he claimed was the biggest rapist in the whole of Ukambani and who was based at Kyanzavi hill in Kilimambogo.

“Not a single woman would go through that place on their way to Thika and not be raped by the monster. One day, a woman told her friends that she was going to Thika to which they asked her if she was not afraid of the rapist,” the man said. “When the women reached the dreaded place, she saw the rapist and called him. Taken aback, the rapist approached the woman who asked her whether he knew so and so. The rapist asked the woman why she wanted the said man and she told him to tell her where he was or just get lost. Miffed, the man told her that he was the person in question to which she told him to go rape her and she made for the bushes pulling him.

The famed rapist was unable to stand to the occasion and the woman went away unscathed,” he added. Wiper, the man told the church, has raped Kambas many times and it is time they told it to come do it. In other words, he was saying Wiper is not to be feared in Ukambani and that the Maendeleo Chap Chap candidate would carry the day. As this was happening, a group of women were holding press conferences and castigating Kavindu. In Matungulu, women shot a short video clip and posted it on Facebook in which they accused Wiper of doing a mockery on itself by fielding Kavindu.

Johnstone Muthama

Kavindu, the women said, must cease calling herself Muthama and start calling herself “the name of the man she now lives with”. The people of Machakos, they said, will never vote for a woman without a husband. From now henceforth, the women said, Kavindu must start calling herself Agnes Kavindu Mbuku. Mbuku, another woman shouted, is the name of her father. Facing the camera as if she was addressing Kavindu directly, she said that they are going to ensure that Kavindu loses early in the morning. She also warned Kavindu that they have not started any war against her yet and when they start, she will not be sleeping because her blood pressure will rise to 200. Another woman shouted that she knows Kavindu very well. “We used to drink beer with her in a bar not far from here,” she said.

The women, who were wearing aprons like those worn by hawkers in the market, seemed to have been paid by someone to do the heckling. A day earlier, another group of women had held demonstrations in Johnsone Muthama’s home area and denounced Kavindu accusing her of having ruined her own marriage. In due course, they said, they would tell the whole world the reason her marriage with Muthama did not work saying that she comes from a family where the women folk are known for not being faithful to their men. Whether these threats have worked to psychologically demoralise Kavindu even before the campaigns proper start is yet to be seen.

Kalonzo Musyoka

What is seen, however, is Kavindu’s absence in the campaigns since she was named the Wiper flag-bearer. Kavindu has been seen only once and that was last Sunday at a church service in Mlolongo which was also in attended by Kalonzo Musyoka and his newfound cheerleader Wavinya Ndeti. A pointer that not even Kavindu was ready for the job at hand was her talk on the day she was being unveiled when she said that the work ahead was not easy. This left Wiper party members with question marks as to whether she was the right pick. Those in the know, however, say that the reason that Kavindu has not hit the ground is because she does not have money for the campaigns. At a State House meeting where Kalonzo had taken his Wiper brigade to have a word with Uhuru Kenyatta and have Jubilee party stop fielding a candidate in the by-election, Kavindu to the embarrassment of Kalonzo told Uhuru that she needs a car because she now uses Uber to move about.

Urbanus Ngengele

She has all along been a Jubilee member having contested for the Machakos women rep seat in 2017 on the party ticket. The State House meeting was also attended by Kalembe Ndile who told Uhuru that he is yet to be rewarded for dissolving his party Tip to join Jubilee. Uhuru reportedly retreated to an inner room and came out with a bag and handed it to Kalembe who nearly ran out. It is said that when the delegation finally left State House, Kalembe drove away at breakneck speed. And even as the guns are turned on Kavindu, Chap Chap leader Alfred Mutua has found himself in trouble after attacking Kalonzo’s choice of candidate. Mutua, Kalonzo’s people have told him, should be the last person to attack Muthama’s wife because his own wife left him on grounds of immorality.

There have been suggestions that one of the parties should nominate Mutua’s estranged wife Josephine to be its candidate for the senate seat to teach Mutua a lesson. The attacks have not ended there as others have accused Wavinya of having broken Kamba culture by behaving as if she is a man and having “married” instead of her being married. This is after she brought a Nigerian man to Kenya instead of her going to Nigeria. The man was married at her father’s land instead of his father’s land. With the new battle line that has opened between Kalonzo and William Ruto after Ruto told Kalonzo to cast off the holier than thou attitude of accusing others of being thieves yet he himself lives in a land that he grabbed from National Youth Service in Yatta, the focus is now on Ruto’s UDA candidate Urbanus Ngengele who seems to have done quite some ground work going by the current ratings.