Maendeleo Ya Wanawake internal feuds intensify

Maendeleo Ya Wanawake internal feuds intensify


The tug-of-war in Maendeleo ya Wanawake has escalated with Rahab Mwikali, the chairperson of the umbrella women organisation, has taken her MYWO battles at the headquarters to the doorstep of the Nairobi county chairperson, Martha Miyandazi.

It is because of this popularity of Miyandazi that Mwikali is trying to cut her to size.  When she recently met all Nairobi delegates in Lukenya for an anti-corruption campaign, Mwikali went out of her way to pay each delegate between Sh12,000 to Sh50, 000. She appealed to each delegate to help her uproot Miyandazi as chair of Nairobi of the organisation because ostensibly, Mwikali reckons Miyandazi is a thorn in her flesh.

One wonders which anti- corruption Mwikali could be drumming support for when she has allegedly embezzled Sh190 million in the two years she has been in office. She has milked MYWO dry with one bank account balance standing at as little as Sh4,000.

Mwikali’s brother, Mutava Musyimi has also pushed his head into the hot Maendeleo ya Wanawake politics. It is rumoured that he is blackmailing his Jubilee teammates and promising to sabotage anyone who dares remove his sister from power.

It is said that the money she has allegedly been pocketing gets into the pockets of her brother  Mutava, as evidenced by the many times anti- corruption functions have been held at Mutava’s Sagana Getaway, and  where no procurement procedures are followed by the anti-corruption organisation  itself.

In another case recently, NHIF used Maendeleo as a conduit for money by transferring Sh20,000,000 which is rumoured was influenced by Nyokabi who is claimed to be a girlfriend of Mutava.

It is the Mutava and Nyokabi relationship that is the key, reason of those toying with the idea of protecting Mwikali have in mind during this electioneering period. They are planning to use Maendeleo and Mwikali as a conduit the way the famed hairdresser was a conduit for the NYS saga.

It is said in the village where Mwikali and Mutava come from and whispered in hushed tones that Mwikali has a track record of doing the unimaginable to get money. At one time in her many tales, Mayieka Elizabeth the MYWO national secretary told her friends that one day  she and Mwikali went to sell kyondos to China. Mayeika claims that Mwikali stole all her money plus passport in China. Had Mayieka’s friends not bailed her she would have been stranded.

Mwikali knows her days at Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization, MYWO are over, the level of embezzlement has caught the attention of several detectives and it is even international organisations are on this grand chase. Her arrest is certain and it is a known fact her warrant of arrest has already been issued it is now just a matter of time before they put her behind bars.

Her foot soldier Benjamin Kamande is also next on the line. Her personal accounts reveal how she has stashed the embezzled Maendeleo cash. Beth Syengo the vice treasurer is now a moneyed person and she is also next on line. Unlike the two partners Mwikali and Mayeika, Syengo is an aspirant in the forthcoming elections and arresting her would have adverse effects on her political aspirations.

Back to Nairobi politics, it will be interesting to watch how the battle between the Nairobi county chairperson and Mwikali plays out because  Miyandazi is a seasoned battlehardened fighter.

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