Mixed reactions as Raila company scoops lucrative water tender

Mixed reactions as Raila company scoops lucrative water tender


Eye brows have been raised following a deal to award lucrative water tender to a company owned by the family of opposition chief Raila Odinga.

Kisumu based Spectre International Limited bagged the tender to supply water to parts of Kisumu County hot on the heels of another report that a firm associated with the Kenyatta Family (Timsales) had won a tender to supply wooden poles to Kenya Power at a cost of sh 111 million.

A letter from Kisumu County in approval of the deal stated that Kiwasco has a deficit in Kisumu West and therefore the proposal for bulk water supply by Spectre International Limited will go a long way in augmenting the same.

However the growing trend where prominent families in Kenya are seen to be winning lucrative tenders has ignited public concerns on whether due process is being followed or whether the tenders were offered in return for political loyalty.

Spectre International Ltd is part of the flagship business of the former Prime Minister but the company is different from his other East African Spectre, the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder manufacturer based in Nairobi.

The ODM leader pegs his networth at about sh 2 billion and does not consider himself rich.

‘They are saying Raila Odinga is so rich…so very rich…which is not true. I am worth about two billion shillings,’’ Raila told a local TV station (NTV).