Mombasa tycoon to deal with Joho

Mombasa tycoon to deal with Joho


Coast tycoon Ashok Doshi(pictured above) has warned Mombasa governor Hassan Joho of dire consequences for inciting Changamwe residents to damage a perimeter wall around his plot.

Mombasa Governor Joho

Doshi says Joho was wrong to claim that his plot which he bought in 1999 was a grabbed property. He said he had fought in the courts to secure the plot, adding that the governor will have to defend his actions in court.

“I will not stomach this nonsense from the governor. I’m the rightful owner of the plot and Joho has no right to take law into his hands and intimidate other Kenyans. He led hooligans to destroy my property,an act which is unacceptable,” said Doshi regarded as among the richest in the port city.

He further rebuked Joho, saying he is least qualified to purport to be fighting land grabbing in Mombasa since he is an alleged perpetrator of the vice across the entire county.

Tycoon Ashok Doshi

“The governor should start by repossessing the grabbed portion of Mombasa Primary School and Nyerere Municipal estate in Kizingo and former Mombasa municipal council residential houses in Nyali whose grabbers are within his knowledge,” said Doshi.

While declaring that the plot adjacent to Changamwe Primary School must be repossessed, Joho said his directives are final since he is the president of Mombasa.

And before Joho spoke, Changamwe MP Omar Mwinyi had wondered why Doshi with all his massive wealth he still salivated for a primary school land.

But Doshi cautioned that he cannot be bullied into surrendering what rightly belongs to him, saying the leaders should have followed legal channels to claim the plot if they have evidence that he grabbed it.