Nakuru Nation Media Group boss under siege

Nakuru Nation Media Group boss under siege


Nakuru’s Nation Media Group offices staff are a worried lot following their area boss’s alleged highhandedness. She boasts to be close to Tom Mshindi, the Editor-in-Chief who is also accused of sending home principled and long serving journalists home for their independent mind.

Impeccable sources from the NMG bureau revealed that there is growing discontent over the bureau chief lady who has allegedly turned the offices into a hell where free expression is curtailed.

Members of the journalists’ staff are accusing the bureau chief of inexperience, incompetency and lack of knowledge in running a news desk and packing of news.

“Briefs meetings are only called to give abusive languages and giving matching orders and no attention is given to arising issues,” claimed one of the reporters at the Nakuru NMG bureau offices who sought anonymity.

They also accuse her of not being in office most of the time and that she avails herself when she wants to make a kill.

Particularly, they lay blame on the Nation Media Group ’s regional news editor over the recent Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit when they say she asked for “a facilitation fee” from the Uhuru crew headed by Manoah Esipisu but ended up pocketing the loot.

She is said to have asked for Sh3,000 each for 20 reporters each day for three days that the president was in Nakuru.

The number of journalists, according to our source, was inclusive of other media houses in the Nakuru county during the head of state. She is said to have used the same tricks during the recent Nasa rally in Nakuru where she is also said to have pocketed over Sh120, 000.

Her colleagues from the bureau office say this is against the Nation Media Group ’s nontolerance of brown envelops as they further claim that the lady always brags before them saying she has godfathers in Nairobi and nobody can dare touch her.

“In fact, she even does not have network of this region and our Nakuru office misses a lot of arising events as one is not allowed to come up with any new events apart from her own assignments,” said another complainant from the Nation Media Group Nakuru bureau office who also did not want to be named for fear of reprisals.

It is said the lady boss took a five day off-duty after the Uhuru tour allegedly to conceal her deals.

Before she was bestowed her current regional duties, she was a parliamentary reporter at Nairobi where allegedly she got acquainted with the Uhuru and Raila’s team and using the association in doing the vices.

Regional reporters in the region have now appealed to their bosses in Nairobi to intervene with a view of shielding them from what they term the “cruel joke of the Nakuru regional news editor”.

Efforts to get her comment were futile as all the time we tried to reach her through her mobile phone, she declined to answer our calls.

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