Nepotism criteria for nurses promotion


Corruption, nepotism and outright mismanagement are threatening to bring healthcare to its knees in Busia county.
The situation is so dire that while the union of nurses through its local chapter has been struggling to ensure nurses in Busia are taken care of alongside their counterparts in other regions, nursing managers in Busia are overtly playing the tribal card pitting nurses against each other in clear cases of corruption, nepotism and favouritism, effectively making nonsense standard ethical and professional management procedures of the nursing professional.
It is not lost on observers that the recent promotion of nurses in Busia county totally overlooked rules and procedures established by the Nursing Council of Kenya, the Kenya National Union of Nurses, not to mention even government regulations.
There is a general outcry that no regard was given to graduate, diploma or longserving and experienced nurses during the said promotions, where the chief nursing officer Alice Yaite only identified people from one tribe for promotion. This has lowered morale among nurses and persistent outcry against Yaite has fallen on deaf ears as her mission seems to only promote members of her own tribe, with her clansmen and close associates coming out as core beneficiaries.
Attempts by the nursing fraternity through their union to seek redress from the county’s public service board have also been ignored. Curiously, it has now emerged that Yaite, the chief nursing officer, is one of the wives of the chairman of public service board, a situation that only helps to complicate the matter even further.
Yaite reportedly boasts of working for the benefit of her own people and would have nothing to do with public procedu