Now CID officers plot to arrest Mariga

Now CID officers plot to arrest Mariga


Director of Criminal Investigation plans to arrest football star Macdonald Mariga.

Mariga was denied clearance to contest Kibra by-election.

Police sources reveal they have a case against Mariga in relation to the authenticity of documents he used while presenting his application to be cleared to run for the seat by Independent and Boundaries Electoral Commission (IEBC).

Mariga is said to be in possession of forged identity card stating to have been born in 1975.

Ironically In 2003 Kenya Under-20 soccer team was disqualified from CAF qualifiers for fielding an over age player.

The over age player was one Mariga. CAF established that the over age player was actually 25 years and 17 years later, Mariga is still claiming that he is yet to hit 30 years.