Ntimama family rebrands itself ahead of 2022

Ntimama family rebrands itself ahead of 2022


The family of the late Maasai community kingpin William Ole Ntimama is politically rebranding itself ahead of the 2022 general election.

The recent anointment of Timothy Tempes Ntimama as the family spokesman and head is part of the rebranding strategy. A family source told Weekly Citizen, Tempes has the family blessings to run for the Narok North parliament seat once held by his father.

Amos Sipoi Ntimama

It is not known which party Tempes will run on but with the fact, the current MP Moitalel Ole Kenta, is allied to William Ruto side of the political divide in the Uhuru Kenyatta succession matrix, then there is no doubt that he is likely to think outside Ruto’s camp. Many had expected the family to anoint Ntimama’s eldest son, Amos Sipoi Ntimama, as the successor.

However sources say that Sipoi has never been keen to enter politics but prefers to work privately. He is the NGO Coordination Board chairman, a position president Uhuru appointed him to. Before heading to NGO Coordination Board, Uhuru had named Sipoi chairman of the Private Security Regulatory Authority.

The family’s political face has been Lydia Naneu Masikonte Ntimama. The family backed her during the race for 2013 Narok women representative where she lost to Soipan Tuya on the Jubilee ticket. She was running on an ODM ticket. Sources say Lydia was Ntimama’s anointed but went against her father’s wishes. Before Ntimama’s death, he had introduced her to the Jubilee party and Uhuru ahead of the 2017 polls.

Surprisingly, in 2017, she joined Chama Cha Mashinani and ran for Narok women rep. She was defeated by Soipan Tuya of Jubilee who got 122,907. Second was Rebecca Tonkei (ODM) with 78,576 votes with Lydia getting 44,000 votes. Lydia is also in the 2022 Narok women rep race.

Moitalel Ole Kenta

Aware it may be a tall order for Lydia to win the seat 2022, the family has decided not to carry political eggs in one basket hence sponsoring Tempes to recapture the Narok North seat the father occupied for decades. Ntimama lost Narok North seat to Moitalel Ole Kenta in 2013 on a TNA ticket. Kenta retained the seat on Jubilee in 2017.