Nyamira politicians shift to social media campaigns

Nyamira politicians shift to social media campaigns


After the government banned public gatherings following the corona virus pandemic outbreak, the political class particularly those who are aspiring for different political seats come the 2022 general elections, are in big political dilemma over what to do for the obvious reason that the forum which was initially used by the politicians to conduct their campaigns is under threat.

Senator Okongo Omogeni

Now that the aspirants are not sure when the pandemic could come to an end, they have resorted to using other alternatives in reaching out to the voters in a bid to sell their policies to them and finally lure them into their political camps in readiness for the election. Before the pandemic, funerals, fund drives and public gatherings were fertile forums which politicians could use to do their campaigns. Investigations carried by this writer have established that political aspirants ranging from those contesting for the seat of the county assembly up to the position of the governor have resorted to social media campaigns.

The politicians have created their own WhatsApp groups which they are using to campaign and woo the voters into their sides.Some are using the already existing groups where they have recruited potential bloggers who are campaigning for them day and night. Notable aspirants for the position of the governor who are using the social media to market themselves are Mwancha Okioma, Joseph Kiangoi, Walter Nyambati, Fred Machana, Ben Momanyi, James Gesami, Okongo Mongare, Jerald Orina, Ken Nyaencha, Job Nyasimi, James Maganda and Walter Chanua. For the position of the women rep, businesswoman Josephine Omanwa is out to floor incumbent Jerusa Momanyi.For the seat of the senator, Nyambega Mose, Alvin Machoka and the incumbent Okongo Omogeni are so far the three people who are campaigning for the position. Majority of those seeking for the positions of Members of Parliament in the four constituencies in the county are also using social media to market themselves.

Jerusha Momanyi

These include Evans Misati, Shadarak Mose, Victor Swanya, Edward Obwocha, Consgar Mokua, Walter Omwenga, Kengere Mose (Kitutu Masaba), Rodgers Moturi, Vincent Kemosi, Steve Mogaka, Andrew Anyoka (West Mugirango), Joash Nyamoko, Janet Komenda, Kevin Nyabuto, Johnstone Obike, Charles Geni, Jason Mosinga, Wilfred Ombui, John Ochari and Joseph Arama (North Mugirango), Patrick Osero and advocate Nyandoro (Borabu). The aspirants have also used the sanitisers and water tanks to have their impact felt in every market centre where each is contesting the political seat from. The water tanks which have their names labelled on them and the positions they are contesting for are keeping their supporters alert over their candidature. One of the aspirants for the seat of the governor said that before the ban of public gathering, he was spending over Sh400,000 at funeral forums and handouts every month but now he has some breathing space.