Nyamira voters say senator, MCAs have joined governor to loot

Nyamira voters say senator, MCAs have joined governor to loot


The rampant corruption that has riddled Nyamira county government for the last three years has seen area residents declaring total war against the MCAs and the senator Okongo Omogeni.
The MCAs and the senator’s mandate entail that their role and responsibility of oversight in the administration of the county government to ensure that service is rendered to the citizenry.
The residents have termed the over 30 members of the county assembly and the senator as toothless and have started developing a strategy how to remove them from office before their term ends or block them from being re-elected come 2022 general elections .
The residents drawn from the 20 wards and five constituencies in the county claimed that majority of the MCAs were deeply involved in corruption and unlawful activities and that is the reason they were unable or finding it difficult for them to point an accusing finger against governor John Nyagarama for abetting corruption in his administration.

Governor John Nyangarama

The residents who are potential voters met at a Nyamira hotel in a closed-door meeting where they unanimously agreed to collect signatures so as to have the county government dissolved to pave way for a new leadership devoid of corruption.
Speaking to Weekly Citizen after the five-hour closed-door meeting, the residents noted that under the current political leadership, no development would be realised because all the elected leaders have joined hands with the common agenda of looting funds meant for development from the county coffers for their selfish economic empowerment.
The residents who were led by Douglas Ongera particularly took issue with Senator Omogeni whom they claimed was criticising Governor Nyagarama but at night they were dining and wining together at the expense of development and resources of the county.
Ongera said that since the MCAs and the senator who are supposed to protect them and the county resources had failed their roles, as a people they had decided to have them replaced through a popular vote.
It was revealed that the collection of signatures towards the removal of the MCAs from office will start on December 1, and the exercise will officially be launched at Kebirigo market in West Mugirango constituency.

The DPP Nordin Haji

Ongera also called on the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti and his counterpart, the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji including the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to move with speed and save the county where public funds were being diverted for other uses by those in charge.
He said that on several occasions, they have given vital information regarding corruption in the county but those charged with taking on the ground had instead used the information to get more bribes from the suspects.

Okong’o Omogeni

They called for the lifestyle audit of both senior and junior officers working in the county for the last four years, arguing that the properties they own could not commensurate with their salaries.
On the MCAs, they claimed that they use the financial scandals by the county government officers to get kicks backs from them to enrich themselves.
A member of the county executive committee who never wanted to be quoted disclosed to this writer that some money meant for projects is used to bribe the MCAs to shut down their oversight role.
“These guys come and demand money from us to take to the harambees and funerals. Where do we get extra money to give them,” the same source divulged.
At least, all the departments have money meant for development but it is instead diverted to other uses for political expediency.