Nyeri MCA blames governor, MP for underdevelopment

Nyeri MCA blames governor, MP for underdevelopment


A Nyeri MCA has attributed delays of development projects in her Mathari-Kiganjo ward to a shortage of funds.
Muthoni Kuruga claimes that she is ever visiting the offices of Governor Mutahi Kahiga and that of NGCDF submitting application for finances for projects but no no funds have been allocated to her office.

The little available funds are spent on road renovation among other development projects in Kihuyo, Nyaribo and Kirico, where the local residents consider more important. Similar claims related to the shortage of funds were common during the era of MCA Baragu Mutahi, who was the predecessor of Kuruga in Mathari-Kiganjo ward. Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has already circulated messages alerting the residents that there are funds enough for various development projects, unlike the past when people associated him with Kieleweke politics.

Ngunjiri Wambugu

The funds are enough for the renovation of Riagamuru, Ihwa, Kihuyo, Wagi, Kanuna, Ereri and Kirumia Development Irrigation Water Project including Githiru Water Project according to the legislator. He assured residents that Muringato Primary School described as a forgotten school built with deplorable old timber offcuts will be constructed afresh. There are also funds enough for the renovation of 52 primary schools including five police posts, the legislator announced without further details about the projects.

Already the legislator has several a full tray from the residents demanding renovation of Mathari Youth Polytechnic and Mwenji Secondary School which started and then closed leaving the local children in limbo. Ngunjiri has so far distributed at least 15,000 sanitizers and 20,000 masks to needy families. He plans to give bursaries to 15,000 students when schools reopen.

Ngunjiri admits that his election success into parliament came through politics because his predecessor Esther Murugi, was far much ahead in development projects according to political analysts. The locals are appealing to the legislator to take over the projects left incomplete during the tenure of Murugi who left a remarkable legacy.