One time Mombasa tycoon Punjani in suicide bid



Former ‘Tycoon Ali Badrudin

Ali Badrudin Punjani popularly known as Ali Punjani has gone into hiding as auctioneers target his properties. Last week, he is said to have tried to commit suicide by jumping from a high storey building in Mombasa town but the move was thwarted. He is known to fly in and out of Kenya incognito. Apart from dwindling finances, his other concern is the CIA is likely to come for him after being linked to drug cartels with international connections. Those in the know about his operation style say that he hides during the day and is rarely in seen in public only for him to emerge at night mostly from 11pm wearing a kanzu and dark glasses being driven in a Toyota Voxy. His only friends are owners of Cannon Motors Limited whom he visits frequently. Punjani together with members of the Akasha family now facing jail sentence in America were linked to international drug business. It is imperative to note that the importation of drugs was facilitated through importation of motor vehicle spare parts and even new ones. That is how Punjani became close to Cannon directors. Ever since his name was linked to drug business, members of his Ismailia sect of Muslim associated with His Highness the Aga Khan, where his name was held in great esteem as he offered political protection and helped them win lucrative tenders have since deserted him.