Panic as past, present top KRA commissioners record statements

Panic as past, present top KRA commissioners record statements


Panic has gripped a section of Kenya Revenue Authority after some top commissioners both retired and some who are still in the office were last week summoned to appear at the DCI’s office to record statements about past corruption and abuse of their offices while discharging their duties.

Among those who were summoned, include the immediate former commissioner general John Njiraini, former commissioner customs and border control Julius Musyoki, a number of assistant commissioners who have been in charge of Southern Region – Mombasa and the port of Mombasa while several other commissioners from Times Towers were not left out.

According to insiders at Times Towers, it is said that those who were summoned heavily aided Tax evasion by certain members of the business community in which the government lost huge amounts of cash in taxes amounting to billions of shillings.

It is due to such aided tax evasion that led to missed revenue collection targets each quarter, for the importation of goods never declined at any time whether due to the fluctuating Kenyan shilling or the political temperatures in the country as the authority wanted the people to believe then.

It is alleged that former commissioner-general who automatically became a majority shareholder into all Cargo Freight Stations in Mombasa and Nairobi just as was his predecessor Waweru, used these CFS stations as conduits to release goods belonging to his businesses and those of his close business associates without having to pay a penny in taxes.

The former commissioner general would then collect hundreds of millions of shillings from his business associates by directing them to channel the funds into a number of local businesses to avoid being traced back to him by the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission sleuths.

KRA commissioner customs and border control Julius Musyoki before Senate on September 19, 2018.

A commissioner recently moved from Mombasa to Kisumu as the incharge, who is said to have been Njiraini’s right-hand man at the port of Mombasa and who carried out all the release of cargo connected to the said corrupt deals, is also said to be in hot soup as he is faced with the charges of abuse of office and abetting corruption while at the same time denying the government revenue.

Musyoki is not lucky either since all the looting that took place, happened under his watch with him issuing instructions as to how the said goods were supposed to be handled with most of the released cargo having been signed for by him in person.

When Weekly Citizen sought Musyoki for comment on the issue of having been amongst those who had been forced to record statements last week, he said he had no comment and went off the phone.

At Times Towers, it is not business as usual as the DPP is planning to unleash the sleuths for a crackdown on a number of officers who are being investigated, some who are opting out of the authority by resignation, hoping they will survive the storm.