Plot to force Ruto to resign



Deputy President Dr. Ruto

Recent political developments point to a scenario where William Ruto is under sustained pressure from Uhuru Kenyatta who is said to have fallen to the political trickery of Raila Odinga, to quit his post ahead of 2022.
Going by recent happenings, many will agree that Ruto is a marked man fighting for political survival in the murky waters that are Kenya’s politics.
There are growing suspicions that the president is pulling the strings from behind directing his allies and lieutenants to pile pressure on Ruto to frustrate him hoping he will eventually give up and quit.
It is a script from the same old book Central Kenya elements used against Daniel Moi in the mid 1970s when Moi then VP was set to take the reins of power any day from the then surely dying Jomo Kenyatta. It is said Moi would even be stopped by traffic policemen and his car searched on orders from the Murathes of the era.
Ruto, who solidly supported Uhuru in four elections; 2002, 2013, 2017 and October 17 repeat presidential election finds himself under sustained attacks from powerful figures who have the ear of the president and of late have more respect for Raila than Ruto in the changing political matrix as the country gears towards 2022 general election.
The so-called Harambee House strategists’ fear is that if Ruto succeeds Uhuru, they will be the first casualties as they will be sacked from the strategic positions they hold today and frustrated in life.
Uhuru who seems to fear Raila more than he respects Ruto has not come out to defend Ruto from the attacks but instead, he has used peculiar language to describe his deputy’s activities.
Keen observers will have noticed that as Uhuru and Raila keep on adding weight ever since the handshake deal, to the contrary, Ruto is losing weight signifying the political woes he is currently undergoing.
Former Jubilee vice chairman David Murathe’s attacks on Ruto are part of a wider conspiracy by powerful forces against the DP.
Interestingly, a few days after Murathe’s outburst, Ruto found himself being humiliated when Defence cabinet secretary Raychelle Omamo read the president’s speech during the installation ceremony of Reverend Philip Anyolo as Kisumu Catholic Diocese Archbishop.
In a breach of protocol, after speeches from local political leaders, Ruto addressed the huge gathering shortly after Raila invited him to the podium. Many expected the deputy president to speak being the second in command in the presidency but Ruto stunned the audience when he invited Omamo to deliver Uhuru’s speech.
It has emerged that Omamo was under strict instructions from Harambee House power barons not to allow Ruto read the presidential speech since the deputy had kept security guessing whether he will attend or not fearing sharing the podium with Raila. That the president’s speech was not read by the deputy who was present has been taken by some to mean that the presidency is entirely different entity from deputy presidency contrary to Murathe’s yapping. Murathe has even gone to the extent of threatening to go to court to bar Ruto from running for president 2022 “because he has already served his two terms of presidency”.
In fact, Ruto is said to have sneaked to the Kisumu church function as he did late last year when he attended at night, a wedding function of Kisumu-based Asian families said to be financing his 2022 presidential bid.
Government officials, political and religious leaders present murmured while others expressed shock at the turn of events.
While State House might not have been aware of the DP’s attendance of the function, rumours of the widening cracks within the Jubilee Party leadership have failed to die.
Earlier, Ruto had met with Uhuru during a wedding ceremony of Meru governor Kiraitu Murungi’s daughter and it beats logic why the head of state did not send him to represent him at the Kisumu function.
It is said that ahead of the Christmas celebrations, Ruto was also caught unawares when the president sent all his cabinet secretaries, principal secretaries and accounting officers on leave, in an unprecedented move that fueled fears of a cabinet reshuffle.
A circular signed by Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua said the secretaries had been given “Christmas vacation” starting December 21 to January 7. Many were left wondering who was running the government in the absence of the cabinet.
Analysts were quick to conclude that with the cabinet on leave, Uhuru wanted to signify that he depends to powerful faces surrounding him to rule Kenya. In fact, Kinyua and shady Mount Kenya forces behind the throne were all with Uhuru in Mombasa during the festive season as Ruto was holed up in his Sugoi home receiving delegations as government operations went on.
“In the spirit of allowing you to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, it has been decided that you can take Christmas recess with effect from Friday 21 December 2018 to Monday 7 2019,” Kinyua’s circular read in part.