Political landmines start detonating in Migori

Political landmines start detonating in Migori


Political land mines that have been planted all over Migori county have started detonating after tabling of an impeachment motion at the Migori county assembly against the Governor Okoth Obado again aborted.

A nominated MCA Mary Ogodo had her left arm broken as the county assembly descended into chaos and fistfights over Obado’s ouster. Obado is being accused of causing trouble in the assembly allegedly compromising some MCAs to block the impeachment motion.

It forced sergeant-at-arms to run away with the mace, the symbol of power in the assembly, leaving members to assault each other physically, verbally and throw water bottles at each other. Tension started during the morning session as North Kanyamkago MCA George Omamba got orders from Migori High Court reinstating him as deputy speaker.

Omamba was impeached by his colleagues in May last year together with assembly clerk Tom Opere, with Bukira East MCA Mathews Chacha and Emmanuel Abala taking over in acting capacity pending court process. On Wednesday, trouble started as five pro-Obado MCAs led by Kaler MCA Thomas Akungo walked into the house which was in session and tried to disrupt the session as Omamba was still on the chair.

In the ensuing melee, Ogodo who is said to be in support of the ouster was attacked. She accused Akungo over injury appealing to the police to pursue the matter and have MCAs linked to trouble arrested.