Politics, incitement in Mumias Sugar revival

Politics, incitement in Mumias Sugar revival


As the war of words rages over the fall of Mumias Sugar and the subsequent take up by a receiver manager, Rashid Achesa and Mumias East MP Ben Washiali have opened a battle with the Indian receiver manager Ponangipalli Rao.
Sources claim that Echesa is making demands against the receiver.
Echesa appears determined to reverse the gains made at Mumias Sugar.

First, Achesa is putting conditions that his company Oust and Aust is allocated 50pc of contracts by the receiver manager amid threats to mobilise youths to distabilise receivership.
It is claimed he is using the name of William Ruto to make the demands at the company.
Sources have intimated that in a bid to catch the eye of the DP, the former CS is going out of his way to discredit Washiali using disgruntled MCAs whom he pays Sh10,000 each.

The latest attempt was a meeting where MCAs met in his Shibale home and after pocketing some cash they issued a statement castigating Washiali.
The MCAs Godliver Omondi of Kholera, Musa Radoli of Mumias East and Elly Keya of Lubinu Lusheya were forced to throw insults at the national assembly chief whip at a Kakamega hotel.
In the hurriedly convened press statement monitored by the former CS at an adjacent hotel, the MCAs warned the receiver manager of MSC not to disclose individuals he was dealing with.
Funny enough, each of the MCA in the press meeting has an axe to grind with the chief whip on political fronts and picking them was done along those lines.
Omondi is a former member of the Oparanya taskforce for the revival of Mumias Sugar that wasted Sh10 million in its report that has been basically dismissed as unimplementable.
Radoli had wanted to contest against Washiali in 2022 and thought Washiali would not contest and that he would endorse him but on realising that Washiali is not going anywhere, Radoli feels frustrated with the decision of Washiali to defend his MP seat in 2022.

Weekly Citizen is in possession of a plan by the former CS for Sports and Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala to blackmail the West Kenya boss Rai.
Recently, Echesa sensationally claimed he, in the company of Ikolomani MP Benard Shinali had refused a bribe of Sh50 million from the receiver manager.
It is is said the claim a red herring to raise the stake on the Rai part, as the senator and former CS are said to have given the West Kenya boss two weeks to prepare a Sh100 million bribe.
Jubilee officials in Kakamega county are today finding it easy to deal with Washiali as compared to Rashid who is abrasive and unapproachable and is money-minded.
Rashid’s chances are looking slim because even as people are struggling to have the miller revived, his pick-up vehicle was impounded by the police ferrying a conveyor belt from Mumias Sugar for sale as scrap. The matter was hurriedly covered up by the Mumias OCPD Peter Katamu who has also been mentioned in the illegal sale of sugarcane belonging to Mumias Sugar Company from the nucleaus estate.
Sugarcane farmers from Mumias East demonstrated against individuals they claim were against the receivership of Mumias.
Speaking at the opening of Wanga Technical College a function presided over by the DP, Washiali implored the government to empower the county government of Kakamega by giving them the 20pc share ownership so that they have a hands-on approach in the revival process.
On his part, Ruto who it is claimed trusts Washiali more due to his sincerity and openness coupled with a huge support on the ground said the county will be allowed to deal with MSC matters adding that the government will no longer pump millions into the company as previous funds went unaccounted for.
The technical college has elevated Washiali as far as Wanga politics is concerned and with a tarmac road leading to the college, analysts predict that in 2022, if Washiali decides to defend his seat, it might as well be a walk in the park.