PS Powon causes jitters with hyper activity in West Pokot

PS Powon causes jitters with hyper activity in West Pokot


Devolution principal secretary Micah Powon is on the spot for allegedly misusing government resources and funds on his campaigns.
The PS is said to be engaged in early campaigns despite him being a government officer.
Powon came fourth in the 2013 West Pokot county gubernatorial race but did not vie in 2017 but has declared he will vie for the governor’s seat to challenge John Lonyangapuo.
After losing in the polls, Powon a Jubilee man was saved by William Ruto.
Lately, he has been criss-crossing the county dishing out cash in campaigns.
However , during the landslides tragedy that claimed more than 50 lives in West Pokot county late last year, Powon together with other government officers from the county denied the deputy president access to give out relief food and nonfood items.
Word has it that Powon with government officers hid and went with the keys for store where relief food is kept when the DP visited the landslide victims in Kapenguria

Governor Lonyangapuo

Powon distanced himself from the allegations saying he should not be trapped in county affairs saying that he works for the government.
“There is no way I can be brought into such like issue. I didn’t run away with any key for the food store in Kapenguria,” said Powon while addressing residents in Ortum area.
Residents in the county have launched a scathing attack on the PS for employing his close relatives.
They accused the PS of using his cronies to do all tenders in the ministry of Devolution,” he said.
Edwin Lonyang’ole a youth from the area said that the PS has been using his trucks and lorries to ferry maize and nonfood items for distribution in the county.
“The PS has taken the tenders for supplying the food himself,” Lonyang’ole claimed.
The youths are now calling on the government to investigate Powon and asked Uhuru Kenyatta to sack him.
“We want him to step aside for investigations,” he said.

They accused him of engaging in early campaigns despite him being a government officer.
“He comes here every weekend to campaign for 2022,” says Lonyang ‘ole
The youths told Powon to relinquish the position and engage in full time politics at his own wish. The youths accused him of having underground schemes of scuttling development projects being undertaken by the current government. They said that Powon and his brigade will have to face the wrath of the people if they will continue engaging in politics every weekend.
A resident Mary Lotulia faulted Powon for employing youths on social media to fight the area governor and putting the county in a political mood.
“Why should you raise the political temperatures in the county? You were given a job by his Uhuru to work for him. You are a civil servant and you don’t need to engage yourself in politics,” said Lotulia
Powon is also accused of doing nothing about the Weiwei irrigation scheme which was destroyed by floods in November last year. Farmers are yet to receive any help from the ministry of Devolution after the PS Powon visited to assess the destruction.
“He came here in Sigor to cheat us. We want this irrigation scheme repaired,” said Peter Lonyang a resident of Sangat area.
It is claimed that he has employed his relatives at the Huduma centres in Kapenguria