Quest for control of UoN by external forces far from over


If you thought the manufactured and cleverly choreographed nightmare facing the University of Nairobi was over, think again. In fact, those in the know say that the onslaught is just beginning.

Early last week, a freak riot erupted at UoN following the death of a student by name Elisha Otieno Odeng alias Ras in mysterious circumstances. Allegedly, the death occurred after a Lavington Security guard, Spencer Kipkorir Kosgey, beat up Ras who later succumbed to his injuries. Kosgey was attached to the university as part of the contingent of security personnel hired by UoN to offer security related services at its various installations including students’ dwelling places.

While the loss of Ras as would be of any other human being is painful, UoN is covering up more than it is admitting who Ras indeed was. Word has it that the new administration does not want to rock the boat. From a distance, the current administration seems keen to avoid any controversy at all cost yet what Prof Kiama is oblivious of is the extent of warfare against his vice chancellorship.

It is a well-known fact, for example, that there is a group of ill-intended ‘students’ at UoN who have lingered around the institution for years on end. These ‘students’ are not in a hurry to complete their courses neither do they seem to want to part ways with the university. Others did indeed complete their courses but still prefer hovering around the institution. Yet others were expelled but they find it beneficial to be hangers-on at UoN. Many a time these are the first elements that address the press in the pretext of representing their comrades. The only reason these strange whingers and louts are keen to be eternally associated with the university is because there is manifest capital they serially draw from it. What one does not easily see is the hand of their hooded sponsors and benefactors.

Previous administrations have used these ‘students’ to visit terror and mayhem upon those seen to go against the whims of the bosses. When you hear that goons have committed scandalous or reprehensible acts within the precincts of the university, look no further. The perpetrators will most likely be this group of immortal ‘students’. When you hear that the Police outside the campus have arrested hoodlums traceable to UoN for hooliganism and assorted criminal activities, again, look no further.

Our sources have reliably informed us that Ras belonged to this curious axis. In the fullness of time, goons for hire posing as career ‘students’ might overrun the new and seemingly nonchalant UoN administration. These goons are agents of external forces that from time to time sponsor a well-chosen coterie of merchants of the netherworld to cause sustained anarchy whilst fomenting undying despondency at the university. Add this to dissident UoN employees strewn right across departments who are cogs of the gravy train of Professor Magoha’s era at UoN and you get a titanic barrel – not just a can – of foul-smelling worms.

Talking of Magoha, our sources confirm that on January 20 2020, in his capacity as CS Education, Magoha did the unthinkable. His purported appointment and subsequent (attempted) gazettement of three UoN Council members has a telltale to it. The three are Evans Kidenda, Peter Maangi Mitiambo and Mahat Somane. First, Fred Matiang’i, one time CS Education, appointed the trio three times in 2017 but their appointment was as many times quashed by the courts of law. As a matter of fact, so brazen was the display of unbridled impunity that the court had no option but to ordered that the costs of the suit be personally borne by Matiang’i in his individual capacity and not the taxpayer.

To see the same names pop up again under Magoha’s watch raises many baffling questions. Does Magoha know the history of his appointees and that three times over the threesome has been shown the door by the court of law? Could the hand of Magoha’s predecessor at the ministry of Education be pulling familiar strings to continue propagating all too familiar illegalities previously committed? Can the good professor not see through the injustice that will ultimately cause untold anguish and disenchantment at UoN? Is there a deliberate yet vulgarly unholy scheme aimed at illegally installing hatchet-men in the UoN Council with a view to controlling council members in order to access university resources through the back door? Could someone be out to build a war chest for bankrolling a nascent but clearly upcoming stab at 2022 gubernatorial contests?

While at it, is it lost to anyone that the aborted gazettment of the notorious trio was done even as the court was adjudicating the attempted malevolent ouster of the current UoN Council and its VC? Do you smell more than a rat in the beadwork of events Magoha has stage-managed to undermine Professor Kiama’s burgeoning tenure as UoN VC. Indeed, the antics by Magoha reek of all the hallmarks of an infestation of rats and a wished-for bubonic plague at the UoN.

Why, pray, would the CS break the law at all costs to have Kidenda and Mahat serve at UoN Council? And why must Peter Maangi be irregularly appointed to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Council? Surely, in a country that boasts a literacy rate of over 80pc and with numerous qualified and successful university graduates, there should not be a shortage of qualified and willing candidates capable of rendering great and distinguished service to Kenya’s public universities.

Lest you forget, Kidenda also serves as board member National Transport and Safety Authority. Meanwhile, Mahat and Peter Maangi unsuccessfully sought the position of board member of the Communication Authority of Kenya in 2016. It is not lost to the university folk that the attempted installation of Mahat to the UoN Council where he served as staff of the Law School in similar fashion to Maangi who disappeared without clearing UoN owings only to purportedly rock back up as a UoN council member caused lots of disquiet at the university. Moreover, Mahat has just completed his tour of service as a member of the Public Private Partnership Committee, a 5-year term appointment he took up in 2014. Curiously, Mahat is the same advocate on record who represented Magoha in the suit filed against him by Kiama earlier this year. On the same vein, Salome Gichura has just wound up her tour of duty after serving two consecutive terms at Teachers Service Commission since July 2013. On the other hand, Mwaisaka just landed a plum appointment as member of the Media Council of Kenya. Meanwhile, Thomas Mshindi already served one term at the UoN Council from March 2005 to 2008, during Magoha’s tenure as VC