Questionable past haunts top Kenya Seed Manager

Questionable past haunts top Kenya Seed Manager


Suspended Kenya Seed Company Stephen Kibet Malakwen is finding the going rough. From being isolated by the majority of the staff due to his poor working relationship, tribalism and nepotism; Malakwen’s recent return has not been well received in the Kenya Seed corridors.

Majority of those weekly Citizen interviewed in Kitale claimed Malakwen holds suspicious academic papers awarded himself irregular allowances then in charge of Human Resource department.

To control happenings at Kenya Seed, Malakwen organized staff union elections and imposed his cronies to be in charge. By last week, word has it that Malakwen is planning to have the new union officials initiate a strike.

During Malakwen’s tenure as a Captain at Kitale golf club for two years, he was kicked out due to mismanagement.

Recently Malakwen led a delegation of his cronies to deputy President William Ruto in Sugoi residence in Uasi Gishu. Those in attendance lobbied for him to be appointed MD at Kenya Seed Company.