Raila misled us, Kalonzo tells Uhuru in China


Former PM Raila Odinga and Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka during the 2017 politial campaigns.

Details of the private talks between Uhuru Kenyatta and Kalonzo Musyoka during their trip to China last week can finally be revealed.
Kalonzo, alongside cabinet secretaries, was part of Uhuru’s delegation to China for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Summit.
The Wiper leader was booked in the same hotel with the president which pointed to his significant role in the two-day meeting and also raised speculations that the barefooted boy from Tseikuru who grew up to become vice president is slowly being embraced by the Jubilee government and this means that in the likelihood of a cabinet reshuffle he will join the government.
During the trip all the former VP’s logistics and accommodation were handled by the ministry of Foreign Affairs in what confirmed the Wiper leader was attending the summit as one among equals.
According to highly-placed sources, the former vice president in Mwai Kibaki regime used the meeting to apologise to Uhuru for backing ODM leader Raila Odinga in the 2013 and 2017 elections.
The Wiper leader reportedly told Uhuru he switched his support to Raila because of frustrations but he has now reconsidered his ties with the ODM leader, whom he blasted as a hypocrite, unreliable and untrustworthy, and has now undergone a Saul experience and is seeing the light clearly.
Kalonzo further told Uhuru that he is ready to work with him. Kalonzo is said to be comfortable working with Baringo senator Gideon Moi and William Ruto but not Raila.
Kalonzo’s trusted lieutenants, Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana was exploring ways of how Wiper can team up with Ruto in 2022 to deny Raila the presidency. Former Machakos senator Johnson Muthama seen to be allied to Raila has been sidelined in Kalonzo innercore. Muthama was more shocked by the sight of Kalonzo next to Uhuru in China than he was shocked to see Raila shake Uhuru’s hand in March.
Uhuru and Kalonzo served as ministers in Moi’s government but parted ways in 2002 when the former president picked the son of the founding president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta as his preferred successor.
Kalonzo has expressed his bitterness with Raila for betraying his fellow principals in the National Super Alliance – him, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetang’ula, noting that the ODM leader mended fences with Uhuru without informing them.
The Wiper leader and his Nasa co-principals got to know about the handshake when the media beamed it live, and believe that the ODM leader had deliberately kept them in the dark so as to humiliate them.
Analysts say Kalonzo’s move to reach Uhuru is part of his strategy to win and penetrate Mount Kenya voters ahead of 2022 election.
Kalonzo is honourary chairman of the World Eminent Chinese Businessmen Association which made his travel with Uhuru to China easier.
Of the Nasa principals, Kalonzo has publicly declared his support for the March 9 handshake and even offered to mediate between Raila and Wetangula who has fallen out with Raila over the deal.
The Wiper leader was photographed with part of the government delegation to the summit that included cabinet secretaries Monica Juma, Henry Rotich, James Macharia and Peter Munya among other officials.
But Wiper party officials insisted that Kalonzo was at the summit as the honourary chairman of Wecba.
Sources revealed that the former number two during the trip thanked the head of state for assisting him clear hospital bill incurred by his wife, Pauline in Germany.
According to media reports, government released Sh30 million to clear the hospital bill while Raila donated a meagre Sh100,000 towards the same cause.
Kalonzo’s wife, Pauline, had been ailing for a long time and was then in Germany where she was recuperating in the company of her husband. Praise to God, she is now in good health.
The reports of financial aid were widely circulated by Jubilee allied bloggers but they failed to mention that as a former vice-president, Kalonzo was entitled to a medical which covers him and his spouse.
Already, Kalonzo’s move to embrace the Jubilee government is altering the political landscape in Ukambani.
Jubilee Party pointmen in the region are now crying foul, fearing that Uhuru is slowly and steadily sidelining them.
Those who are crying foul include Alfred Mutua, former MPs Joe Mutambu, Kisoi Munyao, Katemi Makenga, Regina Ndambuki, Gideon Ndambuki, Peter Kiilu, and a host of elected MPs from the three counties.
Incidentally, also not happy with Kalonzo’s move is Raila who stands to lose the most if Kalonzo, as some are sure, remains in government when Raila, as many are certain he will, packs his bags and returns to his natural climes in the opposition.
Those in the know say that Kalonzo was secretly exceedingly happy with Raila’s embrace of Uhuru as he saw it as opening the door for him to work with Jubilee without being labelled watermelon. The same fear is likely to make Kalonzo stick with Jubilee as then flipflopping back to follow Raila out will confirm the suspicion among Kenyans that he does not have a firm stand. So who wins?
Should Kalonzo stay put with Jubilee, the biggest winner is William Ruto as then Kambas are likely to shift their backing to Ruto this considering that there is no way Kalonzo will be the presidential candidate and can only be either running mate at most and speaker or leader of majority at least. This would leave Raila over a million votes in deficit. It is against this background that Raila’s move could come back to haunt him. This moreso because Kalonzo has quietly been seething under the surface over what he says is Raila’s politics of dishonesty and as such has been looking for a chance to serve his revenge.
Former Kibwezi MP Philip Kaloki who is one of the most prominent Jubilee men in Ukambani has welcomed Kalonzo to government and said that the move was long overdue.