Raila now working on Holy Alliance


President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga during the now infamous handshake

Former prime minister Raila Odinga is working on what they term “Holy Alliance” that is aimed at addressing postelection violence experienced after every presidential election.
To the strategists, the Holy Alliance will eventually lead Kenyans to Canaan after experiencing crocodile menace along the way. A politician close to Raila told us that after the handshake that brought the building bridges team next is the Holy Alliance that will effectively champion for a referendum.
Surprisingly, the Holy Alliance that is to bring on board like-minded politicians and their political parties has no room for deputy president William Ruto and his allies. To be included in the alliance are trade unionists, civil societies and religious leaders. Just like in Europe when the Holy Alliance was first initiated to tame Napoleon Bonaparte, Ruto is the target in this scenario.
As Ruto is busy laying strategies for 2022, those pushing for the Holy Alliance are working on a referendum that will bring them together and introduce new powerful political seats that denies the winner taking it all as it is the case now.
It is a forgone alternative the building bridges team will recommend for a referendum to be held late this year or early next year, according to our source. The team has received written memorandums and has been moving around the country collecting views from Kenyans.
An insider at the team told us that for now, majority of Kenyans want the current constitution changed.
What is likely to happen in the coming days that is bound to change the political terrain is when prominent political parties will be invited by the builfing bridges team to air their views. Already, in Jubilee, deputy chairman David Murathe and secretary general Raphael Tuju are pushing for a referendum with a section allied to Ruto opposed to the idea. Murathe and Tuju will play a key pivotal role in the Holy Alliance with full blessings of Uhuru Kenyatta.
Uhuru great concern now is how he and the entire Kenyatta family will be protected once he leaves office. The Holy Alliance is likely to pick a shining star as its political symbol in the referendum and later be turned in use come 2022. The alliance key players will be referred to as wisemen and unlike in the past when it compromised only politicians.
This time round, it will have on board trade unionists to represent workers interests, disabled representative, women, youth, the Muslim community and other religious leaders. The schemers are borrowing a leaf from the Holy Scriptures where the wise men came from the East to Jerusalem following the shining star asking for the son born to be King and Messiah.to them,. The shining star will lead Kenyans to political peace and prosperity. On the referendum, the anti-Ruto camp will be referred to as Herod. Remember that biblically, Herod at one time met the wisemen as he wanted to find out exactly when the star had appeared. For now, political analysts interpret this as the child Ruto wants to kill to be the referendum push.
It will be people’s represented and likely be turned into People’s Alliance after the referendum. Remember, Raila was sworn in as people’s president after the last controversial elections.
Our source revealed that Ruto’s current early campaigns should be interpreted as setting pace for the really 2022 Holy Alliance marathon winners. To him, election is like a marathon and has the so called pace setters.
Having realised that Uhuru is reading a different script in his succession game plan, Ruto is rolling up his sleeves to capture the country’s top seat without endorsement from his boss.
Those in the know say that Raila is briefing Uhuru on the need for the Holy Alliance. The Holy Alliance targets Raila led ODM, Kanu of Gideon Moi, Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi, Wiper of Kalonzo Musyoka, Ford Kenya of Moses Wetang’ula, rebel politicians in Jubilee Martha Karua of Narc and Cotu supremo Francis Atwoli to spearhead the trade unions.
Atwoli has no time for Ruto and a separate trade union the DP funded, Public Servants Trade unions-Kenya (Pusetu-K), to challenge Cotu and divide the mother of all trade unions which has died a natural death. Atwoli is among the first Kenyans to push for a referendum. Makau Mutua is likely to find his way together with John Githongo and Gladwel Otieno pushing for the civil societies in the push.
The Holy Alliance will accordingly bring on board regional kingpins such as Kalonzo, Mombasa governor Hassan Joho, Peter Kenneth, William Kabogo and Farah Maalim.
One thing that is clear is that Jubilee will face the referendum a divided house, a move that is likely to cost Ruto presidency 2022 campaign unless he works on a plan B. Analysts say that the best way for Ruto to go is to back the referendum but even if he decides, already those opposed to his presidency have scored a first one and projected him being against it in the eyes of the public.
During Maragoli Cultural Festival where Murathe stated that Uhuru does not owe Ruto any political debt, Atwoli who was in attendance swayed members of the public in the referendum push by saying it will be held whether the DP liked or not.
On the international front, Western capital represented in the capital city of Nairobi are said to be secretly pushing for the referendum using influential personalities in all sectors.
Before and after Nasa boycotted repeat presidential elections, shadow diplomacy was central with an idea that they participate and eventually work on constitutional changes with full backing of powerful foreign countries to avoid Kenya sliding into anarchy that would have likely affected the entire Lake Region leading to re-organisation of Al-shaabab currently fighting to survive due to internal rivalry and foreign onslaught on their strongholds.
Uhuru, according to sources, wants to live a legacy of united Kenya and doubts what Ruto’s presidency can achieve for Kenya. Raila is well aware that should Kalonzo, Gideon and Mudavadi go separate ways, Ruto will easily sail through.
A week prior to the Maragoli festival, Murathe had joined Uhuru for a ‘goat-eating session’ at hotel owned by a Kenyatta family member, The Hood Restaurant in Kilimani area frequented by who is who in the political and government circles.
Murathe, a former Gatanga MP, is said to be a close friend of Muhoho Kenyatta, the president’s younger brother who is described by many as the power behind the throne.
After the 2018 March 9 handshake, Gideon has struck a working relationship with Raila with the former prime minister visiting retired president Daniel arap Moi at his Kabarak home courtesy of the Baringo senator.
Gideon has also toured Nyanza together with Homa Bay Senator Moses Kajwang, woman rep Gladys Wanga, MPs Lillian Gogo (Rangwe), Adipo Okuome (Karachuonyo) Anthony Oluoch (Mathare), Opiyo Wandayi (Ugunja), Samuel Atandi (Alego Usonga), Charles Were (Kasipul), Gladwell Cheruiyot (Baringo woman rep) and nominated senator Abshiro Halake who asked him to partner with Raila and go for the top job.
Contrary to the believe that Mudavadi and Raila are not in good books, the two have been holding secret talks and during Uhuru’s recent tour of Nyanza, they engaged each other. Raila’s concern is that of his co-principals Wetang’ula and Kalonzo. To counter Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana, a Kamba and CS Eugene Wamalwa, a Bukusu are being incorporated in the political game plan. Kibwana was present at Mbale function where Murathe took Ruto head on. Of late, Kibwana has no kind words for Kalonzo.