Reaveled:Tanasha Donna frustrations in dating Diamond Platnumz

Reaveled:Tanasha Donna frustrations in dating Diamond Platnumz


Dating a public figure comes with a lot of negativity and a lot of hate, it is a sad world we’re living in…People can’t let you be and they never understand that one can opt for a private life and not live a controversial one, they don’t seem to to like that either…

Tanasha Donna and her lover Diamond Platnumz, she is failing to stand the heat…

Tanasha Donna has released the first song off her Donna Tella EP album dubbed La Vie, it is really good food for the ears and her fans most especially from Kenya and Tanzania are loving the French and Swahili jam.

Tanasha features Bongo singer Mbosso who did justice to the song.

However, before releasing the song, the mom of one was very bitter and frustrated with the way things were going, she wants her music making the headlines out there, but instead, her private life is what is out there.

“I am a gal who enjoys her personal privacy and personal life, I would rather have my craft and my talent to be the clout… My personal life, my family, my mother, my cousins, my sons are all my personal business. ”

People were not used to that, people were used to trending for the wrong or the right reasons, people were used to constant clout and controversy and the fact that I was not about that made people not like me and made people judge me…”

In the above scenario, Tanasha seems to be comparing herself to Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lover, Zari Hassan, who can pass for “Miss Controversy” making her a fodder for Tabloids something that Tanasha is not about to do, and the more reason she thinks is the cause of the negative energy around her.

Tanasha adds that she is at a stage in her life where she is transitioning simultaneously (Motherhood and Music) and that, she is under so much pressure at the moment.

Sounding all broken and dull, Tanasha says that 2019 was a good year, but also extremely tough because she is dating a public figure which comes with a lot of negativity and a lot of hate, it is a sad world, she adds.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna in  Kigoma recently