Ruto coast men in fierce fight over Sh2m handout

Ruto coast men in fierce fight over Sh2m handout


Delegates who attended William Ruto’s meeting in Mombasa recently were left in shock and awe after alleged political brokers took off with Sh2 million given by Ruto.

The meeting at Bruhan grounds hosted by former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar and Nyali MP Mohammed Ali had brought together more than 300 delegates who were addressed by Ruto in his last day of a three-day tour of the port city. At the end of the meeting, Ruto reportedly gave out Sh2 million for chai to be shared among the delegates. The cash was handed over to a perennial Mvita parliamentary contestant and a past senate contestant. Immediately Ruto was driven out of the venue, the two politicians reportedly took off with the cash and attempts by a section of the delegates to trace them failed as they switched off their phones.

Delegates who had attended Ruto’s meeting hoping to go home loaded were disappointed. Others resorted to recordings hurling abuses at Tenge and Abdisalaam. It is claimed the duo also later disagreed on how to share the loot and social media platforms became the battleground for a smear campaign by their hired goons. There was grumbling by a section of Mijikenda politicians that Ruto’s Mombasa tour had been hijacked by Wazomba (people of a cross of Swahilis and Arabs) at their exclusion. Within Mombasa, Ruto has remained with only one elected MP in the name Jicho Pevu of Nyali after Jomvu MP Badi Twalib bolted out.

Badi did not show up in any of the Ruto meetings yet he was in Mombasa. It is said he is trying to mend fences with Mombasa governor Hassan Joho to stop the governor from planting a candidate against him in the 2022 general election. The governor, however, is said to have already decided to front one of the late Ramadhan Kajembe’s sons against Badi who is related to the Kajembes. The Ruto camp is now reaching out to Karisa Nzai as their chosen candidate. Ruto had abandoned Nzai who stood with Jubilee in the last general election in favour of Badi who has now dumped the DP for Joho or Wiper.