Ruto set to divorce Uhuru

Ruto set to divorce Uhuru


Deputy President William Ruto

Enough is enough, Deputy President William Ruto may have finally reckoned. After feeling the raw jarring of betrayal with no end seemingly in sight, Ruto has now decided that there is no future in Jubilee. His solace being that Jubilee after all seems destined to fail flat in its election manifesto and hence it could actually be a liability to him than an asset. To him, the only manifesto now is the handshake one that has relegated the Big Four Agenda to the margins.
Matters being worsened by the fact that the famous handshake has only served to distract Jubilee from the development agenda which Ruto believes was Raila Odinga’s scheme to initiate the handshake in the first place.
A series of well coordinated political pronouncements by a section of Jubilee politicians clearly point to a house divided deep down the middle with little or no room for redemption. More telling is a barrage of unprecedented attacks directed at Uhuru by Ruto’s attack dogs last week.
Over the weekend, five Jubilee legislators from Ruto’s backyard castigated Uhuru for allegedly targeting the Kalenjin community in the supposed ongoing war on graft in a bid to stop Ruto from succeeding him in 2022.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga during the now infamous handshake

Speaking in Eldoret MPs Kangogo Bowen of Marakwet East, Daniel Rono, Keiyo South, William Kisang, Marakwet West, Jane Chebaibai, woman representative and county assembly speaker Philemon Sabulei dared the president to support Raila if he wanted but stop targeting Kalenjins.
Together with 30 members of county assembly, the lawmakers claimed Uhuru had shown that he does not want to back Ruto as his preferred successor and went ahead to warn the president against sacrificing the Kalenjin community.
It is worth mentioning that Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, an avowed Ruto enthusiast, has lately been on the warpath literally throwing barbs at the president.
Ruto is alert to the fact that it is now too late and practically impossible for Jubilee to meet its part of the bargain with voters. This is premised on the increasingly unachievable Big Four Agenda that seems to have run into headwinds.
In a nutshell, all major promises that Jubilee made to the electorate as per the ruling party’s manifesto have come to naught. Apart from the Big Four, all promises – laptops for early learners, dams and stadiums have come a cropper. Indeed, it is said that this will form the basis of Raila’s campaign for 2022 against Jubilee. With a failed Jubilee, Raila believes that it will be easy to beat Ruto.
This largely informs Ruto’s decision to go his way at the appropriate time if he has to remain relevant in 2022 for firmly he believes Jubilee will not be able to deliver the presidency to him, after all.