Ruto Storms State House


Deputy President, Dr William Samoei Ruto

For a man who before he became president was known to wake up at about 9am and get out of bed at
about 11am, it must have been quite a tall order last week to be up and seated at a meeting at 6am. But
seated Uhuru Kenyatta was at that hour after deputy president William Ruto on Friday, March 1 stormed State House in the wee hours of the morning, which is unusual, and held a crisis meeting with Uhuru for over two hours. Aware Uhuru was to depart for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Ruto was at State House at crack of dawn.
It is said that Ruto had the previous day engaged members of his kitchen cabinet for long night talks. During the night talks, it was agreed that Ruto was to engage Uhuru and frankly tell him the graft involving dams was taking a political dimension and messing his image in the public eyes.
Further, it had all to do with 2022 succession politics and if not well handled, it was completely causing revolt in Rift Valley Ruto home turf.
According to Ruto men at the night talks, Uhuru is now behaving like the tortoise who heard that birds
have sumptuous parties in the skies and begged the eagle to take him to the skies. When the tortoise was
carried to the skies, he feasted, got drunk and forgot that he did not have wings at which juncture he started insulting the eagle. Come end of party, eagle refused to carry tortoise back and tortoise asked him
for a favour which was to go down to tell tortoise’s wife to put all the mattresses and pillows outside their
house because he would drop from the skies and needed somewhere soft to land. Eagle angry at tortoise’s thanklessness told the wife that tortoise had asked that she puts ploughs and stones outside the
house. The tortoise dropped and landed on the ploughs and stones hence his cracked shell. Did Uhuru want them to behave like the eagle, the allies told Ruto to go ask Uhuru.

It seems Ruto did not have the guts to ask this at the 6am meeting. During the 6am crisis talks, Ruto is said to have complained of the manner in which the investigations into the corruption involving dams were being done. To Ruto, the information in the press had linked him to the Sh21 billion saga. Ruto even claimed that it was like the investigators were working with the press and ODM to use the said scandal to fix him.