Ruto’s TangaTanga team on the receiving end

Ruto’s TangaTanga team on the receiving end


Netizens are sharply criticising the self declared Tanga Tang team allied to DP Ruto for double speaking.

They initially took a firm stand against the Building Bridges initiative stating that in no way would they allow a change in constitution and  now they are supporting.

The netizens are questioning  how and when have they realised  the change is in tandem with them?

Then the DP is quoted rubbishing the BBI by saying that the team was sitting in bedrooms and offices changing the constitution in the exclusion of ordinary Kenyans views .

He went ahead to cite the Ekuru’s Punguza Mzigo initiative that it is no longer possible  to change the constitution.

On her part Ruto’s ally Gladys Shollei said the people undertaking the BBI process were taking Kenyans for a ride.

In also another instance of solidarity with DP Ruto in opposing the BBI DP’s Close ally Governor Mandago claimed that the team didnt take views from 27 counties.

To the surprise of many netizens what has changed that they are dearly embracing the report recently given to President Uhuru.

Here are some of the remarks by furious Netizens.