Sabotage at KPA pensions taskforce

Sabotage at KPA pensions taskforce


Panic struck as several children escaped death by a whisker after part of a wall of a house owned by Kenya Ports Authority pensions scheme collapsed in Mombasa county.

The old houses known as Dedan Kimathi Estate opposite Pandya Memorial Hospital are in a dilapidated state with almost 500 families occupying the 200 units.

The residents are up in arms over the poor maintenance despite the monthly payments of the scheme houses rent from KPA.

The children were forced to run for their safety when the incident happened where two water tanks were also destroyed.

The incident caused confusion among the residents before realising what had actually happened.

The incident comes just after KPA managing director Daniel Manduku early this year issued a circular to form a taskforce to streamline the pension scheme administration.

The taskforce is headed by KPA general manager human resources and administration Daniel Ogutu who was employed on a three-year contract with different terms of reference.

The taskforce consists of KPA general manager, board and legal services, Addraya Dena and KPA general manager finance Patrick Nyoike. Dena is linked to mega scandals at the port as the person incharge of scrutinising legal aspects in tender awards. Insiders say Dena has seen wheeler dealers capitalise to siphon billions with millions hidden in accounts operated by her operatives. She prefers to strike deals at Nyali Java place.

Her legal advice has also landed top managers at KPA in trouble. Infact, the current investigations facing KPA top notch are blamed on her office.

It is said, Dena is sabotaging the taskforce operations for unkown reasons.

Other members are one trustee from old defined benefit and one from new defined contributory which has not taken off.

According to Manduku’s circular before the incident took place, the task force is to identify the challenges facing both the two pension schemes.

The old DB led by Salim Chingabwi and the new DC headed by Salim Kakuma with the taskforce are expected to hand over their report after 60 days from formation date.

Moses Mutalii said he echoes sentiments by his colleagues and thanks God that the incident happened at night otherwise they would be talking something else.

The resident told journalists they have petitioned the old defined benefit scheme under the chairmanship of Chingabwi on the state of the houses but nothing has been forthcoming from that end.

Mutalii said they had lost children who had fallen into a manhole in the estate due to lack of maintenance.

Matreda Mwakireti said the houses are in a bad state and urged Manduku to intervene and save them from continuing to stay in dilapidated houses.

She said they have exhausted all avenues to address the issue of the dilapidated condition of the houses but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

He pointed an accusing finger at the agent appointed to do maintenance of the houses and added that they are also faced with the problem of insecurity.

The estate lacks security lights which pose a danger at night.