Sacked Turkana chief finance officer cries in public

Sacked Turkana chief finance officer cries in public


Turkana governor Josphat Nanok has reshuffled his chief officers, barely a month after made changes in his county executive committee where he dropped two county executives including the lands CEC Anthony Apalia and his finance counterpart Robert Loteleng’o.

Loteleng’o is said to have wept in public upon his sacking claiming, he had perfectly performed his duties but was at war with a cartel who wanted be paid and are close to Nanok. On the other side, Apalia read witchhunt in the move.

Nanok renewed contracts for some chief officers which had expired and reshuffled some whose terms had not expired.

The chief officers whose contracts had not elapsed but have been transferred, include Pauline Lokuruka who was moved to education, sports and social protection docket, from tourism, culture and natural resources.

Rosemary Nchinyei was also transferred to be the chief officer for tourism, culture and natural resources from the trade, gender and youth affairs docket.

Abdullahi Yusuf has been moved to livestock, fisheries and veterinary services docket from the economic planning department.

Joshua Lemuya has been retained as chief officer for lands, energy, housing and urban areas management, while Robert Abok will also remain at health services and sanitation.

At the same time, Nanok reappointed other chief officers with new assignments among them, Gladys Arika who will serve as the chief officer public service and remain acting as the chief officer for administration and disaster management.

Joseph Ekalale remains the chief officer, office of the governor, while Jeremiah Apalia moved from finance to economic planning.