Samboja secures scholarships for 15 Students in Algeria


Fifteen students from Taita Taveta county will benefit from a fully sponsored scholarship programme to be undertaken in Algeria, Governor Granton Samboja has said.
Speaking during a prize-giving and prayer day at Murray Girls’ High School, Samboja said the beneficiaries will undertake engineering and medicine among other science courses.
“I have held talks with the Algerian ambassador who has assured me 15 scholarships for our students. I will give one to Murray and the rest to other students across the county,” said the county boss.
Samboja promised to donate a 10,000-litre tank to the school and also work on a new water pipeline which will ensure steady water supply to the institution.
He further promised to give a dairy cow to provide the school with a constant supply of milk, thus relieving the burden of buying milk for the school. He gave accolades to the top performing students in the school in last year’s KCSE exams.
“The sky is not the limit. Work hard for a better future. We will collaborate with parents and teachers and other stakeholders, to ensure our education standards are improved,” said the governor.