Secret plot to  impeach governor Wangamati  hatched

Secret plot to impeach governor Wangamati hatched


An MP has demanded the arrest and prosecution of three Bungoma county ministers for being implicated in the Sh6.9 million scandal. Already, the MCAs have impeached health and administrative executives. Next to be impeached with senator Moses Wetangula blessings is governor Wycliffe Wangamati. John Waluke of Sirisia said Antony Walela (health), Richard Sabwami (public administration) and Esther Wamalwa of finance and economics planning had been named by the county assembly committee on health which investigated the case. He said Governor Wangamati should have been at the forefront in taking the necessary action against the three and other officers in the ministries who signed for the money meant for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking in Bungoma town, Waluke who is also the Jubilee party Bungoma branch chairman questioned why they local Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission office was taking too long to arrest the culprits yet there was enough evidence to prove that the price of the 600 jerricans had been inflated from Sh1,400 each to Sh10,000 for the 120 litres container. According to committee chairman George Makari, Sh11 million was withdrawn from the county ministry’s bank account to be used to purchase the jerricans and other materials required to fight the disease. Makari who represents Musikoma ward in Kanduyi constituency noted that in a bid to cover up the scandal, one of the officers rushed to return Sh1 million while another who had withdrawn Sh700,000 surprisingly refunded Sh1.2milion.

He said Sh6.9 million was used to purchase jerricans, masks and sanitizers to be supplied to 600 markets for locals to clean their hands and sanitize as a requirement by the Ministry of Health guidelines saying justice delayed is justice denied. Waluke said EACC should come out clean over allegations that its officers have been compromised to sit on the case. He also added that EACC should also probe the county ministry of education. The lawmaker added that a chief officer in the county ministry of gender and sports authorized the disposal of public property at Masinde Muliro Stadium, a year ago but no actions has been taken, despite a report that some Sh2 million from the proceeds had been pocketed. Wangamati impeachment has been worked on with a top lawyer drafting the petition to be brought before the assembly by an MCA. The majority of MCAs are set back the impeach motion.