Strange ways of late Bob Collymore Boy’s Club

Strange ways of late Bob Collymore Boy’s Club


The late Bob Collymore and Kamiru Wambui

It was former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth while eulogizing Safaricom chief executive Bob Collymore who disclosed the existence of the boys’ club consisting of 10 members where Collymore was the captain.
Another member, Radio Africa Group chief executive Patrick Quarcoo in his eulogy, disclosed that in their next boys’club dinner, they would set aplace for their captain as they called him and will raise glasses knowing that he has changed them and Kenya forever.
The big questions in the minds of many Kenyans are:What is a boys’ club? How did it begin? What is the criterion for joining it? Why is it called boys’club though all the members are adults?
Already, conspiracy theorists are linking the boys’ club to the Us secret society known as the Order of Skull and Bones.
Founded in 1832 by a community of students from YaleUniversity, this secret society
is famous for being part of a number of conspiracy theories,the most popular perhaps being that founders of the CIA were members of this group.

Infamous for hiding the deep dark secrets of sick practices members take part in, some
say weird sexual acts are also a common sight at the Order of Skull and Bones.
As part of their initiation ceremony, new members are asked to lie naked in coffins be foretelling others about their deepest and darkest sexual secrets.
Incidentally, members of the boys’ club are known for strange and weird decisions in one way or another but it is the Kenya Commercial Bank’s Joshua Oigara’s style of dressing in tight cloths that has left tongues wagging both at his work place
and in the streets.Another curious thing about the members of the boys club is
that they rarely talk of family lives and rarely engage in promoting
social activities to the community but are known to meet, drink and
enjoy life in secret.The name boys’ club refers to the lasting bond of the small
company of highly driven men– leaders of industry, diplomacy and media who share the burdens of each other.
Collymore, who died aged 61 years, was a strong member of the boys club that dined two or more times a month.
The members include Kenneth, Quarcoo, Oigara, Aly Khan Sachu (financial analyst),
WPP-Scangroup CEO BharatThakrar, Standard Chartered Bank’s Lagos managing director Lamin Manjang, Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange, politician Peter Kenneth and UK High Commissioner Nic Hailey.Indeed, some of them appeared on JK Live Show to narrate memories of their departed captain where they disclosed that they had selected Thakrar to replace Bob as their new leader.
Strangely, Thakrar had been chosen by Collymore to oversee his funeral plans, a role he took up soon after Collymore passed on.
Thakrar first met Collymore when he was introduced by Michael Joseph who was Collymore’s predecessor and has been appointed as Safaricom’s Interim CEO.
He first thought Collymore would be a good client, seeing that his company did commercials for Safaricom but as life would later turn out, they became close

The late Bob Collymore with members of his Boys’ Club.

Oigara, on the other hand, met Collymore when Collymore reached out to him after Oigara became the youngest CEO of a blue-chip company in 2012.
Another curious thing about the boys’ club was revealed by Uhuru Kenyatta after he put them on the spot for drinking a bottle of reserve whisky that he
said belonged to him. Uhuru, who was addressing mourners during Collymore’s
memorial service at the All Saints Cathedral, caused laughter when he said he would demand the boys’ club members pay for the Johnnie Walker Director’s Blend
that goes for Sh195,000 that they drank though Collymore had reserved it for him.
It all started when Kenneth revealed that the former Safaricom CEO had them quaff
off a special bottle of whisky that he had reserved for a special
friend. Interestingly, Collymore had shared his intimate struggles with the boys’ club – going as far as announcing to them his imminent death.
“We have always met every Tuesday at any one of our houses. Last Tuesday, we thought it would be the usual dinner with a few rounds of drinks. But last week, Bob broke the sad news,” Kenneth recalled during the
memorial service. The fallen Safaricom CEO had told them that various medical options that could save his life had failed and he had only a few weeks to go.
“He told us not to mourn and he opened his favourite drink, Johnnie Walker Director’s Blend – 130-year-old and we took pictures
of it,” Thakrar said during the memorial service, adding they took the drink even those who were not whisky drinkers like Quarcoo and Koinange. Another curious thing about the boys’ club is the tendency to fly around the country, without
the company of their spouses. For instance, Collymore who loved music and flying planes, at one time flew Kenneth for a weekend to Manda Island, Lamu
county. During the trip, they were not accompanied by their
spouses. Another curious thing about the boys’ club is the strong bond that ties them to an extent that one would not be able to pull out.
This was revealed by Koinange while recounting a time when they had a heated exchange with Collymore forcing him to leave their WhatsApp group. Though he remained tight-lipped on what triggered the disagreement, Koinang remembered how within 10 minutes after leaving the group, Collymore forced him back with a warning that nobody was permitted to leave the group since it was a one-way street.
Unconfirmed reports say Collymore had two children froma previous marriage.
Details of his first marriage remain scanty. When asked about it, he hardly provided personal information.
Until his death, Collymore was married to a Kenyan woman, Clare Wambui. They held an invite-only wedding in Kitisuru Nairobi in April 2016. The two met during a
fundraiser for survivors of the Loreto Convent Msongari school bus crash that occurred in July 2011. Wambui was part of the event in her capacity as an alumnae, and Collymore was there representing Safaricom Foundation.
Strangely, Collymore divorced his wife sometime in 2012 in a drawn-out case in the UK, at the same time that Wambui initiated her divorce here in Kenya.
She was the wife of Joseph Kinyua. The two were married for close to five years and blessed with twins before they divorced. The twins have been living with
their mother to date.
Kinyua is the owner of Kenwest Cables which deals with the manufacturing, sale
and distribution of electrical copper and aluminum cables and conductors.
Born in a wealthy family, Kinyua, a football diehard coaches young kids, and he is the
organizer of Amateur Football League.
For Kenneth, he is married to Anne Wanjiru and they have two children: Andrew and Andrea.
Jeff, who was born in 1966 is married to Shaila Koinange.Their son Jamal Mbiyu
Koinange was born in 2007 after nine years of childless marriage. For Thakrar, the founding shareholder of the WPPScangroup and a director of all WPP-Scangroup subsidiaries,little is known about his social life.
Quarcoo, popularly known as PQ, is the founder and CEO of Radio Africa Group, which is the company that runs Kiss FM, Classic, X FM, Radio Jambo, East FM, the Star newspaper and KissTV.
He is a Ghanaian who cameto Kenya from Reuters Ugandain the 1990s to start up a media company.
Oigara started as a teacher earning Sh5,000 and is today the CEO of East Africa’s leading bank with annual revenue of Sh60 billion.
Oigara’s life story is one that will be familiar to many Kenyans.He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His parents William and Diana Oigara were both schoolteachers and tea farmers at the Gesima Settlement Scheme in Borabu, where he
grew up.
But little is known about his family life. Oigara is rarely seen with his wife in public but
prefers to wear tight trousers. For Manjang, the chief executive officer of Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Ltd since December 2018, little is known about his

Curious Kenyans must be obsessed with raging wild imaginations of what surrounds behind the certain events within the infamous Boys club founded by departed Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.It is only men members  club.

Some of the confessions made by the members in honour of their buddy left keen observers scratching their heads in attempt to figure out the hidden idea behind the formation of a club that only a handful of who is who in the country have subscribed to.

During the special edition of JKLive to commemorate the deceased CEO, members for the first time painted a mild picture of the kind of activities that have taken place within the group.

Jeff Koinange recounted a time when they had a heated exchange with the late Bob Collymore forcing him to leave their WhatsApp group.

The late Bob Collymore with members of his Boys’ Club.


Though he remained tip lipped on what triggered the disagreement  but remembered how within ten minutes after leaving the group, Bob Collymore forced him back with a warning that nobody  was permitted to leave the group since it was a one-way street.

Peter Kenneth fondly remembered their private trip an Island at the Coastal side in which Bob piloted to Lamu on a helicopter before they both boarded a boat to Manda Island.

The private moment was however interrupted by a 25 minutes call from President Uhuru Kenyatta which drained Bob’s attention from the trip.

‘He goes to a corner of the boat and he’s in this very tight conversations looking serious so I ask him what’s wrong with you we dint come here for phone calls and he says ‘Shhhhh’, Peter Kenneth remembered.

Members of the Boys club are known for strange decisions in one way or another but it’s the KCB’s Joshua Oigara style of dressing in tight cloths that has left tongues wagging both at his work place and in the street. Members of the said club rarely talk of family lives . They do not engage in promoting social activities to the community but are known to meet,drink and enjoy life in secret.