Serial rapists arrested with 300 women pants found in raping dens

Serial rapists arrested with 300 women pants found in raping dens


Police in Luanda Vihiga County have arrested seven notorious rapists who are said to be behind a series of rape and defilement cases in the area.

The suspects were arrested at night by Administration police officers led by Luanda sub-county in Vihiga county government officer in-charge of security Mr. Simon Asubwa.

According to Asubwa the suspects led the officers in their hideouts where over women 300 under pants were found.

It is said the suspects were using change room for players at Mumboha stadium as their hideout and place where they rape their victims.

The security officers found women pants scattered on the floor of the room where the serial rapist admitted using the stadium change room for their malicious raping of women at night.

“Yesterday we carried out a raid on the suspects who are behind spate of criminal activities including rapistos at Luanda market. We managed to arrest seven boys who are said to be raping women in Luanda town. They took us at Mumboha playground where we found over 300 under pants of women they rape. They use the stadium’s changing room as their raping den,” said Asubwa.

Asubwa said they received complaints from the residents and some of the victims who had been raped by the culprits. He said three girls had reported at Luanda police station after they were held and raped by the suspects inside the stadium. He said after arresting the suspects they admitted raping the girls.

It is said many women have been raped in the area but a few report the incidence to the police for fear of being victimized by the rapists.

Asubwa said over 300 pants found in the room means over 300 women have been raped and the cases not reported.

“We have many women who have been raped by these serial rapists but many cases have not been reported to police. Many of the victims fear reporting to police either for fear of being victimized or fear of stigma,” said Asubwa.

The victims who spoke to the press said they also use Mumboha secondary school latrines which are near the stadium as their hiding sites and raping dens.

Some pants were found scattered behind the secondary school latrines.

Security enforcement officers from Vihiga County based at Luanda market collected the pants and burnt them.

Asubwa said they have intensified night security patrols in the stadium which is behind Luanda Omen market.

Luanda is a dangerous zone at night where criminals take control of the town stealing from people and shops.

Last week Asubwa with help police officers managed to arrest five criminals armed with pangas who were planning to steal from supermarket at night.

Luanda Market officer in-charge of security Simon Asubwa looks at the women under pants which were found at Mumboha play ground where serial rapists who use the playground change room to rape women were arrested and over 300 women under pants found.


 Luanda market security officers let by Simon Asubwa set a blaze over 300 women under pants found at Mumboha playground players change room. Seven serial rapists who are said to use the facility as their raping den were arrested.