Several leads in husband’s wife murder


Mr Joseph Kori and his girlfriend Judy Wambui at the Kiambu Law Courts

…as investigators pursue business deals gone sour with husband, mistress

Police investigating the cruel murder of Mary Wambui, wife of Joseph Kori, suspect the husband was at the scene of the crime and must have participated in the heinous killing of the woman. Those who have visited Kori say that he is not himself and keeps on crying in police cells. “He is a victim of love triangle turned sour,” said a police source.

Kori may have been out to control the business he co-owned with the wife. Initial investigations centered on love triangle but now, new facts are emerging.

Joseph Kori Karuwe 41 was married to Judy Wangui Mungai 36.  Apart from Kori, another key suspect in the murder case is Judy Wangui, the mistress in the love saga. But what is puzzling the sleuths is whether the murder was premeditated

Doubts are that if it was pre-planned, Wangui could not have visited the late residence, left together in her white Mercedes Benz Saloon car. Another theory being pursued is whether Wangui had established that Kori was dating another lady apart from Wambui and her. It is on these grounds that she decided to hire a taxi to Kori’s home. The gate was opened by Kori’s six year old son.

The minor was to accompany Wangui to Thika Road Mall but the late was surprised to find her former employee at hardware business at the gate.

The late Mary Kamangara and her husband Joseph Kori during their days of marital bliss.

According to police investigations, Wangui wanted to know if Kori had spent the night at his residence.

The two decided to go and have fun together at Homeland Inn, Thika road. At Home Inn, they were joined by two men who left.

Police are trying to establish if the two were hit men or they just met by coincidence.

Further investigations revolve on whether Wambui ran berserk upon dropping Wangui at her Fourways junction apartment only to find Kori at the house with his pictures on the wall.

What puzzles investigators is why Kori did not separate the two as they fought. Did Kori take sides in the fight and ganged against Wambui on grounds that she was likely to sideline him in the multi-million business empire after being caught in the love triangle?

Did Kori and Wangui strangle Wambui to death, wrap her body in bed sheets, put it in a sack and dumped it in a dam in Juja where it was recovered?

Kori and Wambui had planned to use a taxi to dump the body but failed. Instead, they used her Mercedes car to dup the body past midnight. The car is to be dusted for finger prints together with the bed sheets.

Investigators are also out to unearth whether Kori and Wambui had any family feuds, the amount the business operated was in a bank and if they owned properties together including the cars.

Further, a part from hardware business, sleuths want to know if they were engaged in suspicious business with international connections and whether Wangui had been recruited in it.

Was the hardware business just a conduit? Why would Wangui move to a posh residence to pay Sh60, 000 per month, travel abroad with Kori if they had no business deals?

Did the trio differ over sharing of money acquired from illegal proceeds and who bought Wangui the car?  These are some of the mind boggling questions that the investigators are grappling with to unravel  the mysterious death of Wambui.