Sex exploits rock Kuppet 2019 Kitui AGM

Sex exploits rock Kuppet 2019 Kitui AGM


KUPPET annual general meeting (AGM) of delegates held in Kitui turned into a sex exploits forum.

A spot check by Weekly Citizen established for the first time, the town experienced a shortage of condoms.

The delegates booked in different hotels, drunk beers, spirits and purchased condoms as if it was kind of a competition.

The AGM theme was Education, Ethics and National Reconciliation.

Chief guest was to be education cabinet secretary Prof. George Magoha but he skipped.

Back to the hotel, one of the cleaners told your favourite Weekly Citizen, they had collected dozens of used condoms. Food and drinks also flowed freely.

The delegates drunk were seen kissing in open with others unzipping and touching private parts of their partners as they enjoyed.

To them, Christmas had come early to Kuppet delegates.

Sources revealed, the delegates enjoyed handsome allowances.