Sex scandal at Vihiga FM


Sex scandals among staff have rocked Vihiga county government-owned Vihiga FM threatening the closure of the station that had started to command a big following in Western region.
Sources said that Governor Wilber Ottichilo has been irked by sex scandals that keep emerging at the station managed by the oldest staff in the county Sammy Oyando.
The most notorious officers behind the scandals whose high libido worries staff in the county and listeners among them is a morning presenter Vincent Ababu.
Ababu has gone into hiding after he was found red handed in bed with the wife of his colleague in his house.
Our reporter investigating the case established that Ababu had developed a tendency of sneaking into his colleague’s house near where he stays in Mbale town as early as 4am when the man reported on duty to start day’s programme at the radio and lure the woman to bed as he listens to the voice of the man of radio.
He then takes off once his colleague man signs off at the radio retreating to his house. The presenter after being tipped by neighbours laid a trap with two of his colleagues in the radio and managed to catch Ababu while in the act.
They descended on him as he fled naked in the dark to unknown destination. The man who has one child with the woman ordered her out of his house.
They then carried Sababu’s blues jeans and Kenyan rugby national team replica jersey to the station and handed it to Oyando in protest.
During the incident Ababu abandoned his phone in the house which was confiscicated by the angry husband. He managed to retrieve several messages Sababu was chatting with the cheating wife.
The man has kept the phone which he says he wants to use for “further action”. The incident has caused sharp division at the radio station with all the staff except Oyando ganging up to condemn Oyando.
Sensing danger Ababu has decided to go underground and has not been reporting on duty. Ababu is known to be the most amorous staff at the radio and Mbale town at large. He is said to be in a love relationship with a former minister in former governor Moses Akaranga regime.
He has been marked by Mbale MTC students as the most wanted person after he lured a big number of them into bed with him before he went missing.
“Female staff in the radio hate him because he is too proud for nothing. He believes he can go to bed with any skirt wearer,” lamented one female staff.
Ababu one time found himself in troubled as he dated two Administration Police officers at the county headquarters, went to bed with them on separate times but they realised and threatened to shoot him.
Radio fans and staff at the radio have protested to Ottichilo over his conduct and demanded that he should be moved from the radio to save the image image of the station.
Recently four female radio presenters protested to the deputy governor Patrick Saisi over sex harassment by their boss Oyando. They told the deputy governor that Oyando was demanding for sex favours before helping them.