Sh900m missing at Egerton University


Professor Rose Mwonya

Suspended Egerton University vice chancellor Rose Mwonya squandered over Sh900 million some of which had been set aside for payment of part-time lecturers by her predecessor James Tuitoek.
Prof Mwonya is also accused of unilaterally promoting her son who is the registrar, Academic Affairs, Seth Owido from Grade Five to 10 without following due process.
She also promoted Mrs Owido, her daughter-in-law without following the due process.
The suspended VC also employed her daughter, Christine Mwonya as a lecturer though she did not meet the required academic standards. She singlehandedly headhunted her from Kabarak University.
The suspension of Mwonya by the university council caught her cronies by surprise and “they are now behaving like orphans”.
She was replaced in acting capacity by deputy vice-chancellor Academic Affairs, Alexander Kahi.
Owido had been interdicted by the council in June 2018 over corruption and abuse office but was unilaterally reinstated by Mwonya.
Owido had also been accused of practicing witchcraft at the university.
Source revealed that Mwonya had drained the university’s finances and had lost the trust of staff, stakeholders and the public.
“The damage she did is enormous and will take more than a decade for the institution known for churning out respected agricultural brains all over the globe to recover,” said a source.
The source added that Prof Tuitoek had set aside money to pay part-time lecturers but it was squandered after Mwonya took over. The parttime lecturers are demanding Sh300milllion in unpaid dues.
The source said the corruption and mismanagement bug that have for a long time dogged the giant Egerton University Sacco has been passed on to the university, one of the largest public institutions of learning in the country.
Mwonya, according to sources, also appointed a Mr George as her personal assistant. George had been accused and found guilty of stealing the institution’s money.
Besides Mwonya, some of her cronies have also been suspended to pave way for investigations.
The suspended VC cannot account for over Sh29 million since she took over four years ago.
Her suspension came in the backdrop of failure to pay part time lecturers and delayed salaries for staff. “A while back, Criminology and Security Studies dons downed tools and only resumed after they were paid,” said a source.
Workers said Mwonya mismanaged the university besides practicing tribalism, favoritism and nepotism.
Meanwhile, senior officials at Egerton University Sacco, which draws its membership from the university, have been fighting over the procurement of a computer facility known as enterprise resource planning that will cost over Sh20 million.