Siaya county governor Amoth Rasanga named in financial rot

Siaya county governor Amoth Rasanga named in financial rot


A report from the Auditor General for the period ended June 30 2016 reveals that the Siaya county governor Amoth Rasanga authorised procurement of air travel services totaling Sh3,414,250 through single sourcing. No tenders were invited but the executive handpicked a company and awarded the tender.

Maseno University was paid Sh5 million by the Siaya County government to facilitate the establishment of Barack Obama University in Siaya without the authorization of the Commission of University Education, CUE.

The report further reveals that the executive again through request for quotation awarded a company a tender for supply of special sewing machines to the tune of Sh5,770,560 against the Public Procurement Disposal Regulations 2013 which only allows award of tenders through request for quotation up to a maximum of Sh2 million.

The executive also paid Maseno University Sh5 million to facilitate the establishment of Barack Obama University in Siaya. However, the Commission of University Education had not issued the county executive with the interim letter of authority to establish the  university  under the universities Act 2012.

The county government, under its general Siaya county governor Amoth Rasanga also paid Sh2,362,500 to a local firm for hire of five four-wheel drive vehicles for a period of 45 days through single sourcing. The executive also paid Sh1,0963,600 to 49 MCAs as sitting allowance between July and August 2015. Investigations, however, reveal that the allowances were not approved by the county’s public service board.

The county government also paid the casual revenue collectors a total of Sh13,610,524. The report reveals that the casuals were engaged at a monthly salary of Sh7,000 as opposed to 15,425 which is the minimum wage rate recommended by the ministry of Labour. Therefore, the casuals were underpaid by Sh13,800,411 in aggregate. It is not, however, known who pocketed the difference.


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