Slain lawyer Chesang widow moves to inherit multi-billion properties

Slain lawyer Chesang widow moves to inherit multi-billion properties


Slained lawyer Chesang and Pauline sometimes back.

Slain city lawyer Robert Chesang’s widow, Pauline Omungála, is laying grounds to inherit the late multi-million properties the late husband left behind following his heinous murder in cold blood at his Lukenya home on February 17.

According to legal minds, aware that if not allowed to bury the late will lead to legal complications over inheritance issues, the Nyeri based magistrate has moved to Machakos Chief Magistrate’s court to block Chesang’s relatives from burying him.

Through lawyer Assa Nyakundi, the widow claims the family plans to bury him without her consent. To her, if not allowed to bury the late Chesang together with her two children, they will suffer great losses, mental and psychological anguish that cannot be even compensated by way of damages.

She wants the court to stop relative’s moves and give a chance to her and children to arrange the burial.

She wants the court to declare her as Chesang’s only spouse and the right person to remove the body from the mortuary for burial him on their 10 acre property land in Kajiado County.

The respondents in the case are Chesang Kiptala, Daniel Chesang’and Martha Chesang’

“As a legal wife, I pray that the remains of the late be released to me for funeral arrangements and burial in a manner and place that best suits the interest of the family,” her affidavit reads.

Investigators have established the motive behind his death had to do with battle for properties ownership.

It is not known if the late had a second woman in his life after his first marriage broke up.