State plans to ban public transport

State plans to ban public transport


The government is now toying with an idea of completely shutting  down public transport after some rogue industry players declined to adhere to new directives aimed at curbing the spread of Coronavirus.

Tough directives were issued after it became evident that public means of transport is one of the major weak links in fighting the menace.

Some operators have remained adamant even as the government ordered that 14 seater matatus should carry a maximum of eight passengers.

25seater vehicles were ordered to carry a maximum of 15 passengers while 30 seater vehicles and above are to maintain a sixty percent maximum of sitting capacity.

The looming ban is likely to happen in the next few days as relevant agencies monitor matatu operation pattern.

To illustrate the serious in the war against COVID 19 Kenya suspended all international flights as part of the measures of thwarting the spread of novel coronavirus.