Supremacy & Succesion wars in Samburu governor seat on

Supremacy & Succesion wars in Samburu governor seat on


Two Samburu top politicians are still  embroiled in a war of political supremacy after battling for top county  of Samburu governor seat.

Jubilee’s Governor Moses Lenolkulal’s  re-election faced stiff competition from  former Teachers Service Commission Chief executive officer, Gabriel Lengoiboni of Kanu and former Samburu West MP Simeon Lesirma, ODM. The county has 82,000 registered voters.

The Samburu Governor Lenolkulal emerged the winner with 40,657, retaining his gubernatorial seat against closest rival Lengoiboni who got 20,204 votes followed by Lesirma’s 3,260 votes.

Lengoiboni and Lenolkulal  had clear support of various clans in the county some of them settlers.

Lengoiboni running on Kanu ticket that had links with Jubilee had support of Turkana and Kikuyu communities. He is said to have started laying grounds for 2022 and succeed Lenolkulal whose tenure will have ended. However the current governor is said to be unconfortable with Lengoiboni and is grooming his own person within jubilee to succeed  him.

Lengoiboni  was supported by proffessionals and Central Organisation Trade Union vice chairperson Ernest Nadome.The Turkana were bitter that during  Lenolkulal’s first tenure they had been denied business deals and employment.

It  has emerged Lesirma split Lengoiboni’s votes by virtue of coming from the same clan.

Lengoiboni is from the largest clan in Samburu but lack of finances to ran a well wheeled campaign costed him.

Raila Odinga presidential bid had  a head  start among the Samburu community. Locals were bitter with Jubilee for killing Samburu herders in Laikipia.

Suprisingly, both Lenolkulal and Lengoiboni  are from the  Limasula, the populous Samburus’ nine clans.

Two camps emerged ahead of the August polls. One was referred to us Nkutung’at behind Lengoiboni and another  Nkweengishu for Lenolkulal.

Nkutung’at  had woman representative, Maison Leshoomo, former senator Sammy Leshore, former nominated senator now Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda and handful MCAs supported Lengoiboni.

Former Samburu West MP, Lati Lelelit, former Samburu East MP, Raphael Letimalo, Samburu North MP Alois Lentoimaga and MCAs together with then speaker now senator Steve Lelegwe led the campaigns.

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