Tears as Maseno School star goes off


The late Cyril Samuel Oyungu a student at Maseno School who died of sickle cell anemia

Grief and a somber mood engulfed Maseno School after they lost their academic star who emerged top in last year’s KCPE exams in Luanda subcounty and who died at Maseno Hospital.
Cyril Samuel Oyungu, 14, a Form One student who scored 422 marks at Amazing Grace International School last year, succumbed to sickle cell anemia.
Emotions ran high at Emabungo ward in Luanda constituency, Vihiga county, as the family tried to come to terms with the loss of their son who was aspiring to become a neurosurgeon upon completion of his studies.
Cyril’s father Father Jacob Oyungu and mother Margaret Oyungu said the death of their son is a big blow to the family, saying he was the hope of the family. Oyungu said his son had battled with sickle cell anemia for the last 14 years but he was doing well in his academic studies. Cyril maintained position one since he joined school from nursery to his death.
He said Cyril was to be admitted at Kakamega Boys’ High School but he was forced to secure his admission at Maseno School to help the family pay attention to his health.
“The death of Cyril is a big blow to my family because he was our hope.
Cyril made us proud when he braved sickle cell anemia complication to excel in exams. He has been position one since he joined nursery school.
We were very happy when he appeared in the press as among the academic giants in the last year KCPE exams,” said his father Oyungu.
Oyungu recalls vividly the day they went with his son at Amazing Grace to celebrate for the good results.
“I recall vividly when we left our home to Amazing Grace School to celebrate with my son the good results. We were captured by members of the press as we celebrated,” recalled Oyungu as tears rolled down his cheeks.
At Maseno School, teachers described Cyril and a hardworking, focused and determined student who was promising much in his class work.
The teachers said he was always posting excellent results in his academic performance, describing the death as also a big blow to Maseno School fraternity.
Cyril’s body will leave Coptic Hospital on March 28 and proceed to Maseno School for two hours mass service before being moved to his former primary school Amazing Grace International in Luanda for funeral mass and fially at Coptic Church for Church Mass Service.
Cyril’s body will be interred at their Ebusakami home on Saturday where Coptic Church.
Sickle cell anemia has become common disease which is claiming the lives of young children.
According to Dr Richard Aboge, sickle cell anemia is an inherited disease that affects red blood cells with an abnormal version of hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen throughout the body.
Aboge says the altered hemoglobin is known as sickle hemoglobin, because it causes normally oval shaped red blood cells to
assume a sickle shape.