Tumult at Moi University as scam unearthed



Moi university 

Panic has gripped Moi University administration after students of School of Law wrote a complaint letter to the Commission on Administrative Justice which is also the office of the Ombudsman.
In swift reply to the commission, in a letter dated January 8 2019 addressed to Salome Karimi and signed by vice chancellor Isaac Kosgey and copied to Ethics Anti-Corruption Commission, the university states that it is not extorting money from students.
It also defends itself as per the policy requiring students to fill in on-line non-resident forms claiming it is not malicious, oppressive and or lacks rationale.
Students had complained that the online portal is intentionally disabled to ensure students fail to fill in the non-resident forms.
The management was also accused by students of charging penalties of Sh1,500 in a dubious account.
At the centre of the storm are leased hostel accommodation for students at Annex Campus, main campus, college of Health Sciences, Odera Akangó College campus-Yala and Kitale Campus.
Those not residing in university hostels were required to fill in a non-resident forms failure to which one was expected to pay a penalty fee of Sh1,500 per semester beginning 2014.
The move, according to the university, was to discourage students from claiming non-resident status while they were actually residents in hostels. Secondly, some students are said to have booked rooms online, pay for them and fail to officially occupy them and at the end of the semester, they make claims for refund for not occupying the rooms which in reality they occupied.
Further, some students would book rooms and sell them to other students at a higher fee than the university charges.
Due to the complaint, the worried administration stopped leasing hostels for annex campus students from the commencement of 2018/2019 academic year and student no longer require to declare their non-residency status.
What many are questioning is why the university management board decided to waive the penalty fee despite the fact that the internal audit recommended that all outstanding non-resident penalty fee be paid for the hostels where leases were in place. The circus surrounding penalties being paid in the university bank account National Bank no 0102102958200 and Mpesa paybill 883181 till remains a mystery despite the management claiming they are genuine Moi University accounts.
According to our source, the said accounts were opened by a section in the finance department without following laid down procedures and have been used to loot thousands of shillings from unsuspecting students.