Uhuru unhappy Kalonzo mortgaged Kamba envoy’s slot

Uhuru unhappy Kalonzo mortgaged Kamba envoy’s slot


When Kalonzo Musyoka approached Uhuru Kenyatta and requested that an ambassador’s slot be set aside for Wiper, Uhuru willingly granted Kalonzo’s wish. In Uhuru’s calculation, this was a good political move because it would give him mileage in Ukambani – a region that he has been keen to get back into good books with.

Kalonzo Musyoka

Apparently, Uhuru thought that Kalonzo wanted to please his Kambaland base and prove to them that the pact with him that saw Kalonzo tell Kambas to support his government is paying dividends. There are even those who say Uhuru was surprised that Kalonzo asked for only one slot when there were several ambassador offices that are vacant. But if Uhuru was surprised that Kalonzo was not asking for two or three positions, he was shocked when the only slot that Kalonzo had asked for went not to a Mkamba, but to a Luo. When time came for Kalonzo to take the name of his choice for ambassador, Kalonzo gave Uhuru the name of Judith Achieng Sijeny.

Judith Achieng Sijeny

Sijeny is from Siaya county and people from Siaya are already celebrating her appointment as ambassador. Indeed, there are those from Siaya who are thanking Raila Odinga for the appointment as they see it as part of the fruits of the handshake between Uhuru and Raila. It is worth noting that Kalonzo had nominated Sijeny as senator in the last parliamentary term something that left Kambas aghast that the Wiper leader could overlook them and go fetch someone from so far for the seat that many felt should have gone to one of their own. The appointment of Sijeny as ambassador by Kalonzo at the expense of Kamba voters whose votes are the ones that put Kalonzo at the high table where where they expect him to take to Ukambani the piece of the national cake that he gets by virtue of the Kamba votes, has broken the donkey’s back.

Samuel Poghisio

Siaya county where Sijeny comes from, Kambas say, did not cast a single vote for Kalonzo and so it is incomprehensible that Kalonzo now rewards Siaya instead of Machakos, Kitui or Makueni counties or indeed any of the Kamba diasporas in Kenya. Siaya is Raila’s home county. Now, Kambas want Kalonzo to call a meeting and explain the rationale behind his decisions that seem geared at denying Kambas what is rightly theirs because when they throw their weight behind him, they merely are appointing him the one to go out there and bargain on their behalf as a community. Kambas have noted that this has now become a habit of Kalonzo to “deny his own” the chance to better their lot whenever opportunity arises. It is to be remembered that when Kalonzo was appointed vice president by Mwai Kibaki in 2008 and offered cabinet minister positions, he forwarded the name of Samuel Poghisio from Pokot.

It was a move that marked the end of Kalonzo’s goodwill amongst Ukambani leaders as they felt that they had done the backbreaking work for Kalonzo only for Kalonzo to thank them with the proverbial donkey kick. At the time, Kalonzo’s backers in Ukambani such as David Musila got assistant minister’s job a position Musila felt was too small for him. Another diehard Kalonzo defender Kiema Kilonzo whom many felt that he deserved at least an assistant minister position if not full minister was left empty-handed just as was Daudi Mwanzia who died cursing Kalonzo for the betrayal. The same fate was meted on Charles Kilonzo then Yatta MP who also did not get an assistant minister’s position. Kiema was to nickname Kalonzo Herod after the Jewish king who, after hearing a baby (Jesus) was born who would become king, decreed that all baby boys be killed.

When it came to appointing permanent secretaries, Kalonzo brought in Ludeki Chweya from Western who became the PS at Kalonzo’s office. When Kalonzo lost his VP post after he and Raila were routed by Uhuru and William Ruto, Chweya was left in government where he had already made networks. This made Kalonzo mad because he had somehow imagined that Chweya would stick with him and follow him to the political cold. Kalonzo was also miffed that his press secretary Kaplich Barsito was left in government. It was also in the same parliamentary term that Kalonzo nominated to parliament Sofia from Malindi and Mohamed from Wajir leaving Kambas complaining loudly. It was the same year that Kalonzo nominated his wife’s sister, Jane Muasya as councillor at the Nairobi county council where she has been nominated ever since then and she is now serving for third term at the council as nominated MCA.

The late David Mwanzia

The only other Kamba that Kalonzo nominated is his son Kennedy Kalonzo who is now MP at the East Africa Legislative Assembly. This is what is now making Kambas suspect that Kalonzo is deliberate in his moves that see Kambas lose out when he is in a position to name them into the offices that come into his hands courtesy of Kambas’ support for him. It is worth noting that the first and last Kamba to get a government job ever since Kalonzo started working with Uhuru and get himself a job as Uhuru’s errand boy is his son Kelvin Muasya who was named in the Kenya Tourism Board by Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala.

Charles Kilonzo

It is against this background that Kambas have since the days of Kalonzo in Daniel Moi’s cabinet been accusing Kalonzo of being opposed to Kambas ascending in government and actually fighting them. There are scores of Kambas who claim that their woes were instigated by Kalonzo. So much has this become Kalonzo’s nature that Kambas in senior positions in government always want to keep their positions secret in fear that should Kalonzo know that there is a prominent Mkamba in government, he would turn his kiima (illwill) on them. Those who have made this Kalonzo doctrine a case study have now come to the conclusion that Kalonzo had in the past been moving down any promising Mkamba so that his own position was never in jeopardy.

After now running his full course and with only two or three years ahead of him as Kamba kingpin, Kalonzo is also moving every young Kamba with promise so that they do not grow too much and overshadow his son Kennedy whom he is hellbent on imposing on Kambas as their leader. There are even those who say that the next casualty of Kalonzo’s conniving is Senator Mutula Kilonzo whom Kalonzo feels will, if he becomes governor of Makueni, edge out Kennedy from the top for many decades to come. This is also seen to be his reasoning in picking Agnes Kavindu as Wiper senate candidate is he sees her as too old to be of any threat to his son.