Uhuru,Raila 2022 power share deal

Uhuru,Raila 2022 power share deal


Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga have secretly worked on what is termed as “2022 lineup” to occupy prime slots to be created by building bridges initiative.

Charity Kaluki Ngilu

Weekly Citizen has information that in order to erase from the minds of Kenyans that the new BBI positions have been created for dynasties, the line up based on distribution of the former eight provinces will all be inclusive, bringing on board prominent families, personalities and others from humble backgrounds. The idea is to counter William Ruto and his allies who are opposed to BBI on grounds that it is aimed at benefiting established political families at the expense of emerging new forces on the country’s political terrain. While in Kisii recently, Ruto made stinging swipe at BBI, claiming the resources being used should be chanelled to big four agenda. To the deputy president, instead of creating positions for a few individuals, it is more sensible to empower poor Kenyans so that they can also enjoy life like the rich.

Fred Matiang’i

Those out to have power arrangement shared along eight former provinces and not on the current 47 counties, argue that it is not practicable to create 47 positions. The former eight Kenya provinces were Nairobi, Central, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Western, Eastern, North Easter and Coast. However, insiders in the power sharing deal say once the BBI report is adopted in county assemblies, parliament, senate, the envisaged referendum is to have some provinces like Central, Rift Valley and Nyanza get to plum slots. Central will be split in Mt Kenya East that has Embu, Meru and Tharaka. For the densely populated Central province, the proposal is to have the position of prime minister.

Here, the name of Peter Kenneth is the talk among the schemers. Kenneth has roots in Murang’a county and was recently initiated a Kikuyu elder. He was among the elders who attended a meeting in Bondo bringing together Kikuyu elders and their Luo counterparts. Despite not holding any elective post, Kenneth was the senior most Kikuyu politicians at the event with Raila playing the host. Mount Kenya East is to get the position of majority leader in parliament. Here, Maoka Maore, Igembe North MP, is earmarked for the slot. The idea here is to bring the Meru vote into Uhuru favoured 2022 succession lineup. Maore has been spotted with powerful forces opposed to Ruto succeeding Uhuru.

He was at Francis Atwoli’s Kajiado residence now popularly known “Camp David” together with Kenneth, David Murathe, Raila and Atwoli among others. In Mt Kenya East, Meru county has the highest constituencies and registered voters, hence cannot be wished away in 2022. The constituencies are eight, namely: Igembe South, Igembe Central, Igembe North, Tigania West, Tigania East, North Imenti, Buuri, Central Imenti and South Imenti. If Meru county lands majority leader in parliament slot, powerful positions are to be created for their brothers in Embu and Tharaka Nithi. Weekly Citizen has information that the current national assembly speaker Justin Muturi having served two terms is being groomed to be the Attorney General.

Embu county has four constituencies of Manyatta, Runyenjes, Mbeere South and Mbeere North. Why is Mt Kenya East being considered with plum positions? one may ask. First, it has to do with winning the region’s support for BBI as one of the major beneficiaries. During the BBI rallies, Meru county hosted the Central province meeting with Governor Kiraitu Murungi playing a pivotal role. Another factor has to do with countering the dynasties concept. Those earmarked are Maore and Muturi. Not much is known about their family backgrounds. Then, we have checkmating Ruto factor in the region that rotates around Kindiki Kithure and Mithika Linturi. Already, another Ruto point-man in the region East African Assembly Legislative MP Mpuri Apuri has deserted the DP camp and joined the president’s side.

Back to Kikuyu politics, Kenneth’s prime minister factor is based on political calculations that is, Murang’a has to be backed by Kiambu and Nyeri counties who have voted for Jomo Kenyatta, Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru all from Kiambu and Nyeri, it is time for their Murang’a brothers to enjoy top political seat after the late Kenneth Matiba failed. Matiba and former Gatanga MP share the Kenneth name. Will Kenneth help Murang’a get top plum political seat after his namesake failed? For now, unless unfolding events change, Raila is earmarked for presidency. Those fronting for Raila give various reasons whether saleable or not to voters. First, they claim Raila never lost in 2007, 2013 and 2017.

As a result, he will get sympathy votes and at the same time have what is called traditional vote bloc of old voters and fanatical followers. To them, Raila will start with over 3 million votes compared to other candidates.If he manages to add up on a few in Central and Mt Kenya East, then he is home and dry. “The region has been a hard hunting ground for Raila, and strategists to lure Kikuyus in Raila’s favour, are now using Kikuyu elders and tycoons. In Luo Nyanza, the schemers agree that Raila is the man to beat. In Luhyaland they say, the ex-PM has followers in Kakamega, Busia and parts of Vihiga counties not occupied by Maragolis. The headache is Bungoma and Trans Nzoia counties populated by Bukusu.

To sell Raila in the two counties, Devolution cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa is being fronted to land plum national assembly speaker’s position. To the schemers, Wamalwa will be third in command in running the country affairs. It is on these grounds that Wamalwa and Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya are the faces pushing BBI in Luhyaland. Western is the home ground of ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi. Mudavadi equation in the handshake deal is blurred. Why, first it has to do with his current position on national matters that is seen as unimpactful. Two, it has to do with his relationship with Raila that is at its lowest. Mudavadi was Raila running mate in 2007. Informed sources say the strategists want to use Wamalwa help Raila win the vote in Bukusuland the same way he sold Mudavadi presidency in 2013 among the community.

Oparanya will take care of Kakamega and Vihiga with Atwoli coordinating the entire Luhya counties including the Luhya votes in the diaspora. Then, we have a political unknown and that is, Mudavadi and Ruto might be forced to team up. Back in large Nyanza province politics, with Raila going for presidency, powerful cabinet minister Fred Matiang’i is to be retained in cabinet to represent the Kisii interest in government. He is set to be the head of Civil Service and Secretary to the cabinet. Already, a move by Uhuru to hand Matiang’i more powers, left, right and centre is grooming him to the position with Raila’s blessings. The idea being that with Ruto in Kisii land, he will not appoint anyone to a such lucrative position and cannot name a Kisii as his deputy president.

To win women, Raila plans to have Ngilu land deputy president. This will also help Raila tame Kalonzo Musyoka in Ukambani. For the muslim interests and Coastal people, Raila has Hassan Joho earmarked to deputy PM. To counter the Ruto narrative that there are some people who are forgotten intentionally by the so-called dynasties that is increasingly gaining currency, UhuRaila plan to dish out plum posts to the marginalized and here Samuel Poghisio is to be among those to land a top ministry. Among the ministries deemed fat are Health, Lands, Education, Energy, Transport and Devolution. These will go to the marginalized tribes.