Used condoms found in MP’s parliament office

Used condoms found in MP’s parliament office


Cleaners at Parliament MPs offices were recently shocked when they found two used condoms in the office of an MP from Vihiga County.

The MP is said to have invited a female secondary principal from his constituency and decided to engage her in sex exploits that was only uncovered by the subordinate staff who were in the normal routine of cleaning the offices.

Vihiga constituency has five Mps, Alfred Agoi (Sabatia),Ernest Kivai (Vihiga), Charles Gimose (Hamisi), Chris Omulele (Luanda) and Jemeriah Omboko Milembe of Emuhaya.

While many might be shocked at the discovery of such unruly behaviour from a parliamentarian, a cleaner who talked to Weekly Citizen undercover team said they were less surprised since they had occasional pumped into a similar scenario and in one case a female pant was found.

But the truth of the matter is that the cleaners were disgusted with the beheviour of the wetern MP involved in the sex scandal that backfired after condoms were left behind.

‘’It was really demeaning being confronted with used condoms at a place you least expected it, I mean the MP behaved as if he was a student enjoying freshers’ week and not an hounorable’’ said our source who requested not to be named given the gravity of the story.