Video: Vera Sidika unleashes new  song

Video: Vera Sidika unleashes new song


Curvaceous, Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has released a hit song titled ‘MIMI’. The song is trending and it has already clocked over 90k views.

In her song Vera discourages discrimination against color as she notes that whether black or white everyone is equal before God.

The bootylicious socialite had  a day earlier before releasing the song  shared a  photo looking darker than her normal light complexion that was met with mixed reactions from the Netizens.

Some said they still loved her whether dark or white, while others felt they had been waiting for that moment when things will go wrong for her due to the skin lightening products.

It was all staged for the sole purpose of the song.

My skin doesn’t tell me who i am. My color don’t tell me where am from. Money don’t care, black or white bado utahusle changamoto kibao  haters ndo hao call it a struggle