Why Nyamira women rep is worried

Why Nyamira women rep is worried


Nyamira county women rep Jerusa Momanyi is a worried woman as she is currently having sleepless nights following her poor performance which was exposed recently. Jerusa who is a teacher by profession has failed to convince the electorate who gave her the mandate as to why she was performing dismally in terms of development.
Last week, a survey carried out by Infotrak exposed Jerusa as one of the nonperforming women MPs in the country. The women rep who is a supporter of the Interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i was ranked number 45 out of the 47 counties in the country. Consequently, following the exposure of her poor performance, the residents of Nyamira county are now regretting why they elected her as their women rep. They regretted that they had rejected the former women leader because of poor performance, the same challenge which has also dogged her but in a deeper manner.
Some of the residents who talked to Weekly Citizen accused the MP of using the funds given to her county kitty to expand her economic empire at the expense of the poor residents of Nyamira county who gave her the mandate.

They also claimed that the legislator was forcing some projects on the people of Nyamira without public participation. “We have seen her giving some tanks to schools without even involving parents of such institutions so that she can know their priority,” one parent at Moitunya Primary School said. Another voter from Iranya village has called upon the EACC and DCI to investigate how funds allocated to the MP’s kitty where she is the patron were being spent. The voter who identified himself as David Omwansa claimed that since Jerusa was elected to her new office, she was using funds meant to assist women, youths and the disabled to empower herself economically. Investigations revealed that the MP was supplying water tanks to schools and yet the same schools have tanks. She has also a project of supplying sanitary pads to school girls where she has received a big credit. Jerusa who is elected on a Jubilee ticket came to power after dislodging former radio journalist Alice Chae who was elected on an ODM ticket. The residents are also accusing her of taking much of her time doing Jubilee party politics instead of assisting her county to develop.

Due to her dismal performance, two women have come out challenging her come the next general elections. Wilkister Morara and Josphine Omanwa have hit the ground to dislodge Jerusa from power. If the elections were to be carried today, Jerusa would have it rough it because the majority of her voters have deserted her. Majority of them who are drawn from the Jubilee party have demanded that she resigns because she was making the party and Uhuru Kenyatta unpopular in Nyamira county because of her poor performance. Youths and women who talked to Weekly Citizen have vowed to send Jerusa packing because she is using their names to make fortunes for her selfish interests. “Let her know that she has misused us for a long time and come the next general election, we will teach her a political lesson she will never forget,” one of the youth, Jane Kerubo, warned. Following losing grip with the Nyamira residents, the battle for the seat could now be a political contest between Wilkister and Josephine. The two aspirants who both hail from the Bogirango clan could be interesting to see who would convince their clan to get overwhelming support before moving for a political top-up from Bogetutu clan where Jerusa comes from.

Wilkister who talked to this writer said that she only needs five years so that she can demonstrate to women, youths and people with disabilities that under her watch as the women rep they could get the necessary services from the women rep office and reap more. “I have decided to aspire for this seat of women rep because of the political vacuum and service delivery in terms of development which is lucking,” she stated. She argues that under the new constitution all projects to be done, public participation was a must a situation which was failing in the office she has expressed her interest. Josephine who is currently traversing from one village to another is currently causing ripples as she was engaging women and youths in productive activities like poultry, banana planting, zero-grazing among many others. She has also a project of supplying free learning materials to students in the county and sanitary pads to girls. Josephine who in the past has been deeply involved political activities in the county argues that she understands problems and other challenges facing the vulnerable groups and given the opportunity, she should do more wonders in addition to what she was currently doing. She also enjoys massive support from the youths and the boda boda riders in the county.