Why Wangamati, Wamalwa formed new party

Why Wangamati, Wamalwa formed new party


The 2022 succession bug politics appears to have bitten Devolution cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa. Through close associates, Eugene recently formed a new party that now offers him a platform to chart his post-2022 political cause.

Word has it that Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati is the brains behind the party together with Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi.

During the recent Ford- Kenya party elections, Wangamati’s camp battled it out with that of Senator Moses Wetang’ula, the party leader.

It is whispered that Wangamati is aware that Wetang’ula plans to run for county top seat on Ford-Kenya ticket in 2022 and his possibility of defending the seat on the party associated with the senator that sponsored him in 2017 are slim hence his plans to work on plan B.

As a result, Wangamati and Wamalwa have teamed up in a new political outfit. Whereas Wangamati is to control Bungoma, Wamalwa is to take care of Trans-Nzoia county politics. The move will help them bargain at the national level given the important Bukusu vote bloc.

Others say that there has been concern that Wetang’ula is likely to join William Ruto’s camp in the Uhuru succession gameplan to follow his deputy party leader Bonnie Khalwale who has been brokering the deal, and catch party supporters off guard hence the formation of new political train.

A number of Ford-K MPs have of late been drifting towards Ruto. Wamalwa is under pressure to run for Trans Nzoia governorship and has no time for Ruto presidential bid.

Wamalwa’s move comes as Mukhisa Kituyi is also said to be forming his party that has a national outlook. Wetang’ula and his erstwhile nemesis senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka, now enjoy newfound camaraderie intertwined in their common resolve to clip Wamalwa’s wings ahead of the much-awaited 2022 transition.

With the provisional certificate already granted by the Registrar of Political Parties on August 2, the Democratic Action Party-Kenya has Wamalwa’s close confidantes David Muchele as chairman and Kizito Temba, his trusted yet much loathed personal assistant, as secretary.

Curiously, both Muchele and Temba are public officers, with the former still serving as a senior finance officer at Kibabii Diploma Teachers Training College in Bungoma.

Casual as this may seem, the duo’s dabbling in active politics would naturally spell doom for their boss – the CS – who is bound by the presidential directive barring ministers from political activities as long as they serve in his cabinet.

That aside, Muchele and Temba ought ordinarily to shun party politics as they serve in their respective mandates, at least for their own good.

With the two being known longtime political operatives of Wamalwa, their explicit complicity in the CS’s veiled 2022 roadmap is a pointer to the high octane stakes that are the Uhuru succession matrix.

Political pundits are already fingering the top echelons for prompting the new political outfit, which they hope will sway the fray in Western region towards a certain trajectory.

This unfortunately predisposes Wamalwa as a destabilising factor to the Ford Kenya fraternity in it’s Bungoma and Trans Nzoia bastions to the detriment of Ruto, Wetang’ula and Lusaka.

Feelers are long real that the CS has little or no time for Ruto and his Tanga Tanga struggle. In retrospect, the DP has pitched forWamalwa’s dismissal from cabinet to no avail, with none other than ODM leader Raila Odinga coming to his rescue.

More recently, it was telling that all Tanga Tanga leaning MPs from Bungoma skipped the much publicised Masinde Muliro 27th anniversary, perhaps fearing a Mmust backlash from a n t i – R u t o forces in the region.

W i t h Wamalwa’s new political outfit in place, pundits feel enough